Are you ready to start cloth diapering, or maybe you jumped in and now you’re realizing if you want the stash of your dreams that you better wait for the next sale?

– Forewarning, this post speaks to the Canadian and American cloth diaper market and looks at brands and retailers in these countries. I do not know how other countries or brands operate. Many wholesale brands via AliExpress or Wish also have sales that fluctuate during the year. –

The nice thing about cloth diapers is that like other things in life they do on sale often and frequently. That said, the deals on cloth diapers are seldom as deep and as cheap as you might wish they were. 

Cloth Diapers are sold at an MSRP which is the market suggested retail price. Many retailers are strictly tied to these prices and have contracts that stipulate when they can and can’t put a product on sale. If a retailer budges on this they can loose their wholesale contract with the brand. Sometimes retailers have slightly higher MSRP than other retailers, by a dollar or two.  Prices do change throughout the year depending on changes in wholesale prices. In Canada, prices may fluctuate based on the things like the dollar, duties and taxes. 

Cloth Diaper mark up is not extravagant like a television or a mattress. I think many people assume there is because of the cost of co-op’s and wholesale diapers. They think why can’t you sell me the diaper for $6 like I can from a wholesaler, but businesses have operating expenses from taxes, to employees, to shipping and more. Nobody is getting rich with their cloth diaper business. Most cloth diaper brands and retails I know are just getting by and living life comfortably while filling their life with cloth diaper passion. I know we all want a killer deal, but let’s remember that these are business too and it’s okay for people to want to make money and not go into debt. 

When to Buy Cloth Diapers on Sale! Do cloth diapers ever go on sale? Black Friday Sales, Earth Day Sales, and Cloth Diaper Clearance


In the Cloth Diaper community, there are two big cloth diaper sales each year. This is when I can almost guarantee that diapers will be on sale. Sales will vary from 5-25% off, with an average of 10-15% off. Many retailers will have additional perks and promos to lure you in. Brands may offer direct sales during this time. – The best way to find out is to subscribe to your favourite store or brands email lists for regular updates

  1. Earth Day – April 22
  2. Black Friday – End of November
  3. Canadians sometimes find great deals on Boxing Day, but less so. 


When a print gets discontinued or retired, or a new style replaces an old style, we sometimes see the older products get clearance. These prices are often better than sale prices as retailers and brands want to get rid of stock. This kind of sale is unpredictable based on a brands product changes. It tends to happen at the end of the year, or in the spring. 

This also happens when a cloth diaper retailer either closes up shop or decides to discontinue a brand. They will typically sell the product at cost or less to clean up their store. 

Sporadic Year-Round Sales

But don’t worry, throughout the year, retailers and brands have sales. Some products have strict rules and other’s don’t. 

Some brands have predictable sales like every summer GroVia does a little hoop de ha, and some retailers celebrate their anniversary/birthday with a sale. 

Other sales are less predictable and happen infrequently. 

Fluctuations in savings is seldom greater than 15%. If you see a sale for 20% off a product that’s a screaming deal. That’s usually the best retailers and brands in North America offer. 

Don’t forget seconds

Not all but, some, brands do seconds sales. Blueberry Diapers is most known for their Grab Bags seconds sale where you can score american made diapers at a steal of a deal. These are hard to acquire, require fast fingers and screaming deals. 

Some brands have in person sales for their seconds products, so if you have a local retailer or brand another great place to hit up. One retailer I knew had a $10 basket for all the product that was returned, maybe missing a piece, or maybe had some minor thing wrong with it. 

Some brands also just have a manufactures seconds list on their website where you can periodically find seconds quality products. Sometimes they have warranty, sometimes not. Usually the flaw is so minuscule you don’t even know, but sometimes it can be a print skip or a the wrong colour snap. Or maybe a few messy threads. Who knows it all varies and is a great reason to check out their shops in person or browse their site. 

The best way to know about deals is to stay connected with your favourite retailer and brand in their Facebook group and newsletter. 

The sales are all fairly similiar and don’t vary a whole lot. Don’t be waiting for GroVia or AppleCheeks to have a 30-40% off sale because it’s not happening. Usually it’s 20% and Thirsties is typically 15% off. 

Tell me about what cloth diaper sales and deals you know about in the comments. This post wasn’t meant to be round up, just an information 101 on the topic because I know y’all wondering when the best time to stock up is and I’m gonna say it’s December when cloth diaper retailers go out of business, and April when they have their infamous Earth Day Sales. At least the past couple years. 

Where to Buy Cloth Diapers

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