Share your story, struggle, or cloth diaper experience with the world. The Cloth Diaper Podcast is a space for sharing stories. Email me at bailey@clothdiaperpodcast.com with your draft and photos.

Cloth Diaper Guest Posts

The Cloth Diaper Podcast was created to share cloth diapering stories because there is more than one way to cloth diaper. But the stories being shared online were limited; they were one perspective of many other ways to diaper.  

Starting a blog isn’t accessible to everyone. Not every blog makes it. Not everyone has the time. I decided to open my website to sharing these stories and perspectives.  

Some people tell their stories on the podcast through an audio call (a short recorded phone call), but others are more comfortable writing their story. This is where cloth diaper guest posts come into.  

Story is one of the most powerful ways we learn. The experiences of others helps guide us and influence us in succeeding in our own story. 

You Can Write

Every time I sit down at the keyboard to write a story, I think “I am not a good writer.” It’s this thought some seventh grade English teacher embedded in my head. I am a good writer, and you are a good writer too.

You don’t need to be a good writer to share your story. You just need to share it from you. Some of my favourite stories that I resonate with are full of grammatical errors, but it is still valuable.

I can help you with spelling or grammar, if you wish.  Let me know, and we can work together with on your post. 

Too many stories are forgotten because people don’t think they have the tools to share them. I want to help you. Let me be your tool, and let me share your story to resonate with other families. 


What Kind of Content?

I am looking to fill the gaps – beyond the basics. I have a book for that 😉 

Did you ever google something about cloth diapering and find nothing? Or an outdated post that was not helpful? Is there a question in a  Facebook group you answer because that’s your story too?

Maybe you can help me answer these questions?


  • How can I cloth diaper if I only have access to cold water (North America, Mexico, India, Japan, anywhere in the world I get this question).
  • What was your biggest cloth diaper challenge and how did you over come it?
  • Can I cloth diaper in an apartment without laundry facilities?
  • Why do you cloth diaper despite the challenges?
  • Why did you decide to cloth diaper?
  • How can I cloth diaper without spending any money?
  • Can I cloth diaper twins or triplets?
  • Help! I don’t know where or what to buy in my country (insert small country outside of North America). How can I cloth diaper and what are some resources for my area?
  • How do you cloth diaper in extra-ordinary situations?

What I Need From You

  • None, you don’t even need to write good – If you want, we can write a story together from bullet points. 
  • 350 – 500 words is a good starting spot, but don’t let it 2,0000 words – time to break that story up..
  • 1 – 3 pictures would be great, I would love one of you – of your stash – of your washing set up – of your back yard. No baby photos.
  •  Blurb About You – about 2 or 3 sentences about who you are as a person and where in the world you are located. I will also share links for social media platforms or websites – IG Account, Website, Facebook Group, YouTube Channel, Or Other.


And Me

  • Original Content, or modified content. Complete content duplication is not good for either of us, this becomes considered spam by the internet gods.
  • I reserve the right to edit, modify, and/or not publish content as I see fit.
  • I create Pinterest Graphics.
  • I share links on Pinterest and Facebook accounts for @clothdiaperpodcast; and promote on my IG. 

Once published, written content becomes the property of this website. I reserve the right to place advertisements and affiliate links.


Ready to share your story? Send me an email. 

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