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Reducing Waste In the Diaper Years

About the Show

Disposable diapers have a long-term detrimental impact on our environment. They take up to 300 years to decompose in landfill, and a single child can utilize more than 100 diapers per month during their diaper years. The total diapers used by many children approaches 5,000 during their lifetimes. In this episode Corinna connects with Bailey Bouwman, of The Cloth Diaper Podcast.

Bailey studied environmental law, having planned to be an environmental defense lawyer, but decided against that track since she realized you usually work for the “other guy” when working in law. In this episode you’ll learn about the ins and outs of cloth diapering, how far it has come in the last 20 years, and why the best path forwardmay be a hybrid approach to diapering. If most people would use cloth diapers in raising their children at least some of the time, the impact we could have in reducing our waste streams could be huge.

Facts we discuss:

  • Disposable diapers have only existed since 1961 (Victor Mills via Pampers)
  • Disposable diapers take up to 300 years to completely decompose in landfill
  • Cloth diapers are more like disposable diapers than you might think
  • Cloth diapering can be really easy
  • Cloth diapers shells are often donated from mom to mom, and can be used for multiple children

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