The Beginners Guide to Wool Diapering is a basic and simple guide with the most important information for you to get to know about wool cloth diapers. The goal is for you to have the information you need to take the first step: do the wool diapers. The Beginners Guide to Wool Diapering is a FREE Resource to get you started. This is a great addition to my book, Cloth Diapers: the Ultimate Guide to Textiles, Washing & More, and this Beginners Guide to Wool Diapering provides you with a fresh 2022 take on washing wool, caring for wool, and more.

The Beginners Guide to Wool Diapers provides you with the basics to get familiar with the products, terminology, and the basics of washing diaper covers. If you have more questions, please ask below.

This guide is sponsored by Bumby Wool, but reflects generalities in the cloth diaper industry for wool diapering, and can be used to build your knowledge should you choose any brand or business to shop with. There are many wool makers to shop from and encourage you to find the one right for you.

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