Wash Routine Examples

Reusing Bath Water

examples of different types of wash routines parents around the world discover to make cloth diapering work for them. 

You were looking for people’s wash routines, we don’t have a ton of diapers so we wash every second day usually.

When it’s time to wash I try to remember once my baby comes out of the bath not to drain it. We use natural soaps anyways so I’m not worried about it damaging the diapers. First I scoop a bunch of water from the bath into the big diaper bucket we throw the used ones into, then let them soak for 10 minutes or until I remember about them. I agitate by hand and then strain into the toilet.

Refill bucket, swish them around again, then wring then out and check them in the bath tub one at a time. Again agitating and swishing around by hand again, then drain the bath and wring them out before putting them back into the bucket.

Then the bucket gets dumped onto whatever laundry is already in the washer (again sensitive/natural soaps) with the extra rinse+spin setting and no fabric softener.

When it is nice outside I try to hang dry but often right now they go straight into the dryer. I find reusing the bath water really helps safe on water and time as I don’t need to run a bunch of extra water over them.