The long awaited numbers on the Lighthouse Kids Supreme Diaper are here. I’ve finally finished washing the bajeebers out of this and getting it ready. Because I also have the regular version from a review I did for Lagoon Baby, we’re going to talk about both sets of numbers. 

Bajeebers, because yes, this diaper did take forever to prep. I often talk about how bamboo products don’t need a lot of prepping. they typically wash up with one or two washes and then perform like a dream, but for some reason this diaper, especially the Supreme insert needed a good number of washes before it stopped floating. Your daily reminder to start with a few washes, drop it in some water, and keep going if it floats. 

About the LHK Supreme Diaper

Lighthouse Kids Company released their Supreme diaper for overnights and bigger kids earlier this year. This diaper was touted as being super duper absorbent and in a league of it’s own. Another youtube video on the company page shows a silly little absorbency test where numbers were blown out fo propotions. I did take offence to this because many people took that 30 ounce number and started blowing their horn everywhere. Since then, we’ve seen much more reasonable numbers coming out of others who have tested this product. 

What is it? It’s a a bigger diaper for kids 15 – 55lbs and the brand says “extreme heavy wetter” – we will see. The term extreme heavy wetter means 30+ ounces in my books, but we all have different expectations of heavy wetters. I think a heavy wetter for nights is 20-30 ounces. 

This diaper is near identical to their one size diaper just made bigger and comes with a four layer insert you fold in half for 8 layers of absorbency. Honestly, let’s just call this a prefold because that’s what it is. It’s similar idea to the Nuggles Bamboo Prefolds, the AppleCheeks Inserts, or even a Geffen Baby Prefold. It has 4 layers of knit bamboo with a stay dry layer on top. 

This diaper was introduced at introductory pricing with a suggestion that prices would increase. Introductory pricing was $26.99 USD and not available in Canada. 

The diaper itself is an AIO design with TPU with a book fold design. Trying to find information about the diapers inners is challenging and not entirely transparent. The diaper is lined with Athletic Wicking Jersey, and then 2 layers of bamboo knit with a stay dry polyester topper is added. This insert is folded in half for 4 layers of absorbency where you need it. Yes I know the graphics all say different things but you can only count two layers. I’ve heard that it’s a higher quality bamboo with a heavier GSM. That doesn’t make it 4 layers, it makes it a 2 layers of a high GSM bamboo. 

The OS comes with a 2 layer bamboo booster. 

Absorbency of Lighthouse Kids Diapers

The nice thing about this diaper is that it was relatively consistent and I love that when products come out with the near identical number ever single time. I always do a full saturation number and take at least 3 tests to confirm my findings. I will also do a pour over test at the end so we can watch how it might perform in real life. This is my first AIO test and luckily you can just drape the book fold tongue into the water and not get the TPU or wicking liner wet. I’ve been anxious about doing AIO tests because of trying to figure it out without soaking the diaper. 

The One Size Cloth Diaper

The One Size Diaper itself held an average of 7.2 ounces – my test results were 7.1, 7.3, and 7.2 ounces. The booster is an average of 1.5 ounces for 1.5, 1.6, 1.5 ounces. This makes the booster comparable to the size small cotton Thirsties. As for the AIO diaper absorbency because I haven’t tested other AIO’s I can’t compare, but looking at the list from All About Cloth Diapers it’s bottom of the list. It comes with a booster which helps make it similar to an Medium Blueberry Simplex; however most AIO diapers don’t come with boosters. 

I’m not surprised by my findings about the Supreme version of this diaper. Essentially, this is a bigger all in one cloth diaper with a prefold insert. You could take any all in one cloth diaper and add a prefold to it to increase its absorbency. I applaud Lighthouse Kids for selling a diaper for bigger kids and think that’s amazing, but merely selling a product with a prefold to allure the obsession with heavy wetter status is a little gimmicky to me. This is a product I would like to see sold without any additional prefolds or inserts, and instead have that as an add on feature. I feel there are so many other products on the market that provide similar absorbency without the bulk and would probably fit in this diaper better – like 2 Geffen Baby Inserts. 

The Supreme Cloth Diaper

The Supreme Diaper came in at 8.8 ounces, 9.1 ounces, 8.7 ounces for an average of 8.9 ounces.

The prefold, insert thing, is a total of 12.7, 12.7, and 12.8 ounces for an average of 12.9 once

All in it’s a total of 21.8 ounces for an all in one cloth diaper with a prefold insert. I do not want to say this diaper holds 21.8 ounces because the prefold is an additional part not an attached feature to the all in one cloth diaper. I could give you a Nuggles Size 2 2 ply and tell you to add it to any AIO and you’d get similar results. 

Again looking at Jenn’s list we see the diaper compare to the Blueberry Simplexes, and with the prefold it does max out the GroVia ONE which she has listed at 18 ounces. 

How has this diaper worked for you?

I think the marketing is a little gimmicky, and let’s just be honest that it’s an okay absorbency for an AIO cloth diaper boosted with a solid bamboo prefold that takes forever to dry and gives some serious fluff bum. I use this diaper at night with one large Hemp babies insert because we only need about 15 ounces of absorbency to make it through the night.