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Before you scroll, I’d like to encourage you to look locally for cloth diapers. You might be surprised to find a local retailer, maternity boutique, or children’s store carry a small selection of trusted brands.

You can also find cloth diapers second hand through buy & sell, Facebook marketplace, or other second-hand platforms. Some local diaper banks provide diapers.  

Canadian Cloth Diaper Retailers

Exclusive list of Canadian Cloth Diaper Retailers at www.simplymombailey.com

Canadian Made Cloth Diapers

Exclusive list of Canadian made cloth diapers

8 Tips for Finding a Cloth Diaper Sale

Emily shares her fav tips for scoring a cloth diaper sale on diapers. 

Where to Buy Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers are available almost anywhere from baby boutiques to specialized cloth diaper retailers or directly from the brand. Check out these cloth diaper retailers for a selection of products that ship locally or around the world. 

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Canadian Cloth Diaper Brands & Retailers

Canadian Cloth Shop
LagoonBaby is an online retailer with TWO brick & mortar locations in the Vancouver-area. Lagoon Baby has one of the biggest selections of cloth diapers in Canada offering competitive pricing, points, and free shipping offers. (Affiliate Link)

Canadian Cloth Shop
Cloth Diaper Kids is an online Cloth Diaper Boutique with an exceptional collection of bright, quality cloth diapers. 

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Canadian Cloth Shop
The Baby Footprint is an online baby boutique specializing in a hand selected collection of products from cloth diapers to parenting to life as an adult. Check this shop out for more than Cloth Diapers.

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Canadian Cloth Brand
Lil Helper is a Canadian Cloth Diaper Brand selling across the USA & Canada. 

CanadianWool Maker.

Bumby Wool specialises in machine washable wool, including an Abrazo Hook & Loop wool diaper cover. 

Designed in Winnipeg, Manitoba 

is simple: to provide the highest quality pads with the best customer service. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. 

Ships to Canada & USA — Affiliate link.

Canadian Cloth Brand
Cutie Patootie sells a premium all in two nappy that cloth diaper beginners have got to try. 

Shop USA – American Cloth Diaper Brands & Stores

These cloth diaper retailers are based in the United States. They may have brand agreements that prevent them from shipping to other countries. Many American cloth diaper brands will ship around the world.


American Cloth Shop
Owned by the poeple who bring you GroVia Cloth Diapers, The Natural Baby Company is a great resource for all things baby. 

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American Cloth Brand
Diaper Junction sells only the Diaper Rite brand of cloth diapers. This in house cloth diaper brings you a well-designed product for you and your baby. Diaper Rite products are available at other retailers. 

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American Cloth Brand
Based out of Las Vegas, Bebeboo Diapers sells a selection of cloth diaper shells and absorbency.


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American Cloth Brand
Nerdy Momma’s specializes in a nerdy inspired prints for all things baby. Nerdy Momma’s offers a wide selection of diaper styles, baby clothing, leggings, and even baby carriers. International shipping available.

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American Cloth Brand
GroVia Cloth Diapers brings you quality cloth diapers with timelss prints and customer care. My favourite GroVia product: Mighty Bubbles, a simple and efficient way to deep clean anything.

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Designed in Dallas, Cloth Diaper Sprayer
Diaper Dawg is not just another diaper sprayer, but rather the answer to all of you diaper spraying needs. Check it out today. 

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Come for their diapers, stay for the accessories and detergents. Esembly Baby is a USA brand changing the industry. 

This innovative design features no rise snaps, but adjustable elastics for the perfect fit. Charlie Banana ships worldwide. 

Shop International – Brands Around the World

Cloth diapers are made around the world by passionate entrepreneurs and makers. Check out these brands for some new inspiration in your life.

Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers

Finally, all the answers to your most frequently asked questions in 250+ pages of easy to read text, graphics, and photographs.

I break down the basics to cloth diapers to inspire to you to start with an introductory base. I believe you are capable of diapering, of problem solving, and making the choices to trust in yourself.

FAQ on Every Topic

Detailed Graphics & Images on Diapers

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