Cloth Diaper Podcast – Show 04

Cloth Diapering is for Nerdy Mommas Too

Are you a Nerdy Momma? No? Yes? Doesn’t matter because this episode is for you.

This show introduces you to a charismatic mama from Florida designing cloth diapers for all the nerds out there. Learn about her, her business, and everything else about this amazing cloth diaper mama.

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Show Transcription

Anna, Nerdy Mommas  04:42

My name is Annie and I’m from the Treasure Coast of Florida which is kind of like East Coast kind of in the middle. So we’re not like Disney but we’re also not Miami. So we’re kind of like no one really talks about us.


Bailey Bouwman  04:56

No I’ve never heard of the Treasure Coast



Anna, Nerdy Mommas  05:00

We’re a little hidden gem, I guess. Not exactly a big city. Not exactly a small town. So, but we have a pretty good natural parenting cloth diapering community within the Tri County area. So it’s been pretty interesting.


Bailey Bouwman  05:17

Are you like where Lighthouse kids is? Or is that further north?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  05:22

Um, I think they’re in West Palm. Okay. Yeah, so they’re our, I would say like an hour and a half south from where I am. Okay. Yeah, like West Palm is like West Palm Beach. Everybody knows boca. All the rich people live there like that’s that’s a happening area of Florida.


Bailey Bouwman  05:42

I’ve only been to Florida once when I was 12 for Disney.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  05:45

There you go. Everybody knows float Disney’s in Florida. Yeah,


Bailey Bouwman  05:49

Disney. We went on a Disney cruise. So that’s why we’re out there. That’s fun. Yeah. So you have one daughter?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  05:55

I do. I have one daughter and she is now four. Um, I wasn’t planning on having such a huge gap between them. But you know, life happens.


Bailey Bouwman  06:05

Sorry, oh, you’re expecting or you’re hoping for No,


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  06:07

not right yet. We are hoping. I’m planning my husband was kind of like, just let me know when another one’s coming out. Hopefully, like next summer after because we’re planning on taking a trip overseas. So I don’t want to be pregnant or with a newborn to go over there again. So we’re just like, wait, what? We’ll have fun over there. Maybe bring back a souvenir?


Bailey Bouwman  06:31

Yeah, it’s not I went to Europe when I was 12 weeks pregnant. And that was that was okay. But I wouldn’t go anymore pregnant.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  06:38

Yeah, we took stab when she was six months old. So that wasn’t bad, because she was like in that good phase where like, she sleeps and will turn around. But she can’t move yet. So there wasn’t a lot of like, I need to go somewhere else.


Bailey Bouwman  06:52

So that was good. That was good. But it’s trying to make that balance. So you’re not cloth diapering right now. So how did you get into cloth diapering four years ago?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  07:00

Oh, well, originally, I was planning on cloth diapering from the start. And like I was researching and it just seemed really overwhelming. And I was like, Holy crap. Maybe we should just, you know, approach this again later on. So, you know, we had her, um, I breastfed her. We did the baby wearing all that stuff. And it just seemed like a very natural progression. So, you know, got to a point where I got tired of running out of diapers, we got tired of spending the money on the diapers. I had enough of those awesome intimate moments with the insides of the diapers when the decides to let you know. Yeah. So after after a couple of those. I was looking at my husband. I was like, Alright, we have a washing machine. Yeah, let’s just do this. And he’s like, whatever. Okay, he really didn’t care. He was like, just tell me what to do.


Bailey Bouwman  07:53

I was like, Cool. My husband he was pretty


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  07:57

foundation for a good marriage. Let’s let’s so you know, I ended up going online and buying like 10 pocket diapers that came with microfiber inserts. I remember it was it was awesome. They came I washed them and I would use them every day. And then at night I would say this is like really funny for me because as as a cloth diaper now and like microfiber. I would put two or three microfiber inserts in the diaper for nighttime. And of course it’s huge. It’s huge. It’s ridiculous but like they didn’t send me anything else and I didn’t know so you know, I got on some some Facebook groups and people were like honey child, please with the microfiber and I was like okay, let’s let’s explore some new options. And from there I switched out my inserts to bamboo and hemp. And it was a really great run and eventually I upgraded to 20 Diapers instead of 10 Because


Bailey Bouwman  08:52

what washing every night? Yeah, so I would


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  08:55

um I had a pretty good routine she would use about eight diapers in a day and that would give me like a whole two diapers for nighttime. So it was great. And then when she went to sleep, I would do the pre wash that would be done in about 2020 30 minutes and then I would do the heavy duty wash and then I would throw everything into the dryer before I went to sleep. And then when I woke up we had fresh diapers so it worked out really really well for a good while but I liked the idea of not having to do that every single night


Bailey Bouwman  09:23

every night every night stressing about getting the diapers clean.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  09:26

Yeah, plus you know when I when I got into like bamboo and I realized that you don’t have to have a basketball on your kids but for it to work. Right like she couldn’t sit up I was like this is hindering something like she was like trying to like she probably had really good core strength. I’m not gonna lie. Yeah, just like constant balance of like, staying upright. But um, so I eventually phased out all the microfiber I actually got involved with CO opting diapers in my community like here in town, not for profit. I know there’s a lot of for profit co ops out on the and stuff, but I just usually do small orders for the ladies that live in town because there’s a couple of us and you know, we can get a discount. Working together, it’s advantageous for all the families. So once I realized that, you know, cloth diapering was something that people really liked, and I was just noticing how, you know, you get a diaper, you don’t get a lot of really good information or support, you get a microfiber insert that, you know, really does hinder you a lot on like, the quality of your cloth diapering experience. So, you know, when I decided I want to do this, I want to make my own diaper. Um, it really came down to making sure that you know, and you buy a diaper from dirty Mama’s, you get a diaper that has four rice snaps, so you actually get an extra size smaller than a standard one size diaper. I’ve modified the cut, so it’s a little bit wider in the crotch. You get a bamboo insert, we don’t use any microfiber. I was really really adamant about wanting to give people a product that you won’t have to upgrade.


Bailey Bouwman  11:03

Yeah, that’s kind of really frustrating, right about cloth like,


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  11:06

you buy a stash of diapers. And now you’ve got 20 microfiber inserts that you know, let’s be honest, the only thing you really should be doing with those is washing your windows and maybe your countertops, because the the the it’s like a sponge, it doesn’t hold it. It’ll absorb a lot, but it won’t hold a lot because you get those compression leaks. And then people get flustered and they get frustrated. And then they just give up.


Bailey Bouwman  11:28

Well, like you were talking about the fluff to like they get really fancy. And people are like, well, now my clothing doesn’t fit and they get caught up in that too for clothing.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  11:36

I will admit though, I was very excited when we did potty train, because I got to pull out all of the pants that she had outgrow them all.


Bailey Bouwman  11:48

Yeah, right. Hey, so that’s how you got into nerdy Mama’s you were working on co ops and you kind of just develop that into your business now. But


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  11:58

I also didn’t really see a lot of like, nerdy stuff. Like I’ve noticed there’s a lot of really nerdy co ops, which I’m really excited about seeing because it means that there’s more artists and more people who are kind of using their their talents to make cloth diapering more interesting. Because that was my whole goal. I was like, Yeah, cloth diapering is great. There’s a million companies out there doing cloth. But I really want to resonate with people my age, I’m 20 years old, I grew up watching Anna Mae, on the dark corners of the internet and like future Rama and like, Adult Swim and stuff like that. So, you know, being an adult and getting up at three o’clock in the morning, I’d much rather grab my Harry Potter diaper, or my Doctor Who diaper than this white thing that really doesn’t have anything cute on it. Considering about the cloth,


Bailey Bouwman  12:50

diaper culture really kind of built into a hobby, those two really blend well together. Because no


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  12:57

less it’s like it’s um, it’s a way to express yourself in a way, especially if you really like my kid is super into, like Pokemon and Sailor Moon and all that kind of stuff. So for me, it’s like really exciting because I’m like, Yes, we can bond on stuff that’s not Sesame Street. Like this is fun,


Bailey Bouwman  13:14

right? And mix it like helps you find yourself a little bit maybe, yeah,


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  13:19

I couldn’t play video games. I couldn’t sit down and read a comic book like I used to. I couldn’t like binge watch, you know, an anime, you know, for a whole day. Like I used to be able to do that before kids now. It’s like I looked away from you for five minutes. And how did you get up there?


Bailey Bouwman  13:33

But at least now she’s wearing a cute diaper that whatever.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  13:38

So now I’m more inclined to look at her because I’m like, Oh, that’s a cute blah.


Bailey Bouwman  13:43

Dirty Mama’s helping you supervise kids, right? All right. So you have taken taken out like a standard diaper. You’ve modified it a little bit. And now you’re doing the artwork.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  13:56

Yeah, all the artwork is like my sketches and stuff out of my art book myself. And then I have another friend of mine who actually has a daughter to try to keep the mom thing real strong. It’s like a constant theme. She actually digitalizes My, my artwork so that they can be printed onto the fabric cuz you have to have like, fancy schmancy Illustrator files and stuff like that.


Bailey Bouwman  14:21

Yes, yes.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  14:23

I’m slowly learning the the Photoshop and the illustrator. But unlike I just have a pencil and a piece of paper.


Bailey Bouwman  14:30

Right? My husband is trying to teach me Photoshop too. And I just Oh, and it’s hard when you only have like 20% operating capacity I feel


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  14:39

oh yeah. Yeah, because your brain is like


Bailey Bouwman  14:41

if I had learned it before motherhood it would be really easy right? But


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  14:45

yes, I forever purse myself for not taking graphic design media, whatever it was in high school. I was a band kid. I did a lot of music.


Bailey Bouwman  14:55

The only one drawing for nerdy Mama’s or do you work with other moms?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  14:59

Right Now it is just me and Miss Chelsea, Chelsea is my graphic designer, the other mom. Yeah, it would be nice to eventually get some other people working with me because it, you probably know it’s very hard to do everything by


Bailey Bouwman  15:13

yourself. It’s so hard to do everything myself. And like, my husband and I have been dreaming of this podcast for a while. And I’m just like, he’s been out of town for two weeks. And I’m like, I had to beg a babysitter today. I was like, whatever you want, so that I could just have an hour to myself.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  15:29

That’s so hard man. Like I was trying to like pee earlier. And I was just like, I’m just unlocking the door come in if you need me.


Bailey Bouwman  15:36

I don’t even haven’t showered in forever. Yeah. What are your biggest challenges then with manufacturing and getting all that together? Was it just a digitizing it? Or do you run into other stumbling blocks? I guess is my


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  15:48

question. Honestly, I was really, really fortunate I did a lot of research before I went ahead and chose where we were going to get our diapers made, I wanted to make sure that the fabrics were coming from the same place because I didn’t want to have like fleece coming from here, pull coming from here, you know, quality control would be all over the place, it’d be really hard to pinpoint, I made sure that everybody we work with is, is it CSPC or CPSC. Whatever that organ is, everything is you know, safety certified, everything is quality control from start to finish. And I also, I was really adamant about wanting to have a personable relationship with the team that I work with. Because for me to just like send a bunch of designs out to somebody and be like, Okay, send me stuff that’s just really impersonal. And it also kind of made it feel like I wasn’t doing my part in making sure that things are as good as they can be. Because like, I don’t want to sell somebody a diaper that’s going to malfunction.


Bailey Bouwman  16:46

Yeah, cuz that comes back on you. And yeah, and then it’s also


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  16:49

it’s one of those things I so on the regular I actually most of my handmade sewing is geared towards cosplay. costumes and stuff, we do a friend, a little a little a friend of mine. And I also do costume and prop commissions for like Mega con Comic Con type stuff. Yeah, so And even with just like sewing, I can make somebody a costume and I can make the exact same costume. And I would never be able to guarantee 100% that they’re identical just because I’m one person. But when I’m talking about diapers that are going to be used over and over and over again, I really wanted to make sure that they were you know, they’re still handmade, there’s not like there’s no machine in the world that you can just put stuff into, and it spits stuff out at you. It’s still all handmade. So with that knowledge of knowing that they were being made by people who I spoke to, it gave me better confidence and knowing that they’re going to have just as much respect for what they’re working on as I would have if I was working on it myself here.


Bailey Bouwman  17:50

But then are made a small shop than overseas.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  17:53

Pretty much. Yeah. And then like, I didn’t want to have to charge 35 $45 For one diaper. But I will tell you that those prices totally are legitimized. There’s, there’s no like, I wouldn’t scoff at it. But if


Bailey Bouwman  18:07

you’ve been like sourcing and learning more, you’re understanding.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  18:10

Oh, yeah, well, I mean, even from before, like handmaking, something is not cheap. And that’s something that a lot of people think, Oh, well, you handmade it, it must be way cheaper. No, it’s not. It’s


Bailey Bouwman  18:22

yeah, it’s a lot of work.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  18:24

It’s It’s crazy, but like I want it to be able to say, you know, you can have quality, you can have the nerdy factor. And you can also have an affordable stash. Because like I know people and I totally like if I could do it, I would who got full 3040 piece stashes the diapers that cost 3040 $50 apiece. And that’s not attainable for everybody. No. And that is also a huge factor. I feel discouraging people. Because like, at the end of the day, if the diaper you’re buying is ethically made, and it’s working for you, it shouldn’t matter. No, as long as the product was made responsibly, and it makes your life easier. Then there shouldn’t be a stipulation about you know, well how much did it cost? Oh, well, mine cost more so mine must be better. And I feel like people also get very caught up in that like trendy status symbol type thing with certain brands. I’m also a huge advocate of use multiple brands because every brand has like its own special uniqueness that makes people want to buy it.


Bailey Bouwman  19:29

Definitely I know at last or yesterday one of the cloth diaper groups someone posted an article about someone who hated cloth diapers, and no Yeah, yeah, reading through. The reason was that she had gotten caught up in the hype of one brand and that one brand didn’t work for her right? You never know if you can


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  19:47

say that about everything. I mean, I guess because we’re parents and you know, moms we’re home alone all day. We got to find something to really obsess about but you use that as a very constant theme in babywearing um, I saw it Carry your go for $1,400 on the swap one day and I was just like, I need to unfollow this group. Oh my god, I was just thinking about all the things I could buy with 1400


Bailey Bouwman  20:11

I have spent a stupid amount of money on a rap once. I will admit that I am one of those girls, but I am also in a place that I could have done that. But yeah, it


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  20:19

  1. I have I have a rap. That was ridiculous. I think it was ridiculously expensive. It was almost $300 And it’s not a super long rap either. Right? Ah,


Bailey Bouwman  20:30

we all make our own choices.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  20:31

We all got one. I have one. Give me one.


Bailey Bouwman  20:35

Right, you’re gonna have another baby, you’re gonna get lots of use out of it. It’s an investment. I don’t remember from your website. Well, so what does a nerdy mama diaper cost?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  20:43

A nerdy mom. Okay, so right now I have two types of diapers available. I have a pocket diaper that is lined with fleece instead of the suede cloth because when I was doing my initial survey, it was brought to my attention that there are babies that do experience irritation with a suede cloth. But that same irritation doesn’t seem to carry over to the fleece. Plus fleece is way easier to get poop off of so thinking. They like and then um, the other diaper I make is a flap style all in one diaper. So the flaps are attached at either end, which kind of helps with the drying time. Because I had the sewn in ayos which I love. They’re great. But they would take forever to dry. Like I’d be on like, day two like okay, come on. Now. speeded up.


Bailey Bouwman  21:28

What major, major brand, would you say that looks like I don’t remember the flop? Is it like? I don’t like what do you see? What would you equate it to? What other brands when you’re comparing?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  21:42

I think let’s see the I don’t know who makes the freestyle.


Bailey Bouwman  21:47

Oh, yeah, bumgenius freestyle, that’s what I was.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  21:51

I think Happy Flute has some butt. Right, how’s diaper, they have that book insert, which I think is really cool. So it’s a similar concept. But instead of having two flaps on either end, they just have one extra wide flap on the back end. And then you can like fold it. I also really like the flap inserts because you can add more stuff underneath them. And then the double gussets around the legs really make it so that you can stack another insert underneath those two inserts that are already there. And you don’t get any leg gapping so you know, no leaks. Yeah. The all in one was originally designed to be an overnight diaper too. So you get that extra protection plus, you know, your baby grows up and all of them are not sprinkling every five minutes. They’re like blood gating every like 30 minutes. You need that extra like, wolf at the bottom. Oh, okay,


Bailey Bouwman  22:42

I’m gonna check those out. That sounds really interesting. Because you’re Yeah, you’re talking like a natural fiber. Yeah,


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  22:49

the inserts are a bamboo terry cloth at the top. The two middle layers are a bamboo cotton blend, because the cotton will kind of increase the absorption rate a little bit because it absorbs a little bit faster than the bamboo and the bottom is just that bamboo terry cloth. I really love terry cloth. It’s so soft and it feels so good against the skin.


Bailey Bouwman  23:09

Well I think hemp is a big rage right now but honestly when it comes to cloth diapering cotton is one of my favorite materials because it’s so I love him. But cotton is such a cotton lover that I love them people mix it with bamboo I think it does so well.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  23:25

Well even with the hemp inserts they’re usually a cotton hemp blend because if you had 100% Hemp insert honey child that will not it’ll like hold water but it’ll take a while what I really like adding I like adding the hemp insert to the bottom of the two bamboo inserts in the the all in one for like my kid was like she was an overachiever when it came to out peeing a diaper. So when I figured out you know, two bamboo one, hemp this is like, solid. I wanted to be able to make that all in one. So you could like add more in there. I know that some have that pocket in the back too, which is pretty cool.


Bailey Bouwman  24:03

Oh, that’s me. I guess it’s really helped. Because I know sometimes people will just take a regular diaper. And just because you put more stuff in it doesn’t mean it’s gonna be a good fit.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  24:14

No, then you get extra. Yeah.


Bailey Bouwman  24:18

And it doesn’t like fit in the legs. And then you get leaks, at least in my experience.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  24:21

Yeah. Yeah. And that’s the worst. Because again, leaks are frustrating, because it’s like, you, you you, you put your kid down. They look so cute. They’re sleeping and you come back a few hours later and they’re covered in pee and you’re just like, I fail.


Bailey Bouwman  24:36

I wish people think that that meant they failed. It just meant they needed to just try again.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  24:42

And so I mean, that’s how I felt. I was like what did I do wrong? Wow, you’re


Bailey Bouwman  24:45

not doing anything. Your kid just pees. My kids don’t


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  24:48

well, no, I figured out it was because I had too many inserts in the pocket.


Bailey Bouwman  24:53

I’ve been so lucky my kids are like sprinkle letters.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  24:57

Oh, but then you got to like key that’s where the sprinkler That’s where you got to get back cover prefold action and because like you peed five times in 10 minutes. Oh, no, she only pays like,


Bailey Bouwman  25:08

every two or three hours, but it’s like four. And it’s like I always


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  25:14

love the wetness indicator on a disposable diaper. Yeah. Because like I would put a new diaper because we use disposables in the beginning, but she ended up developing such a bad rash. We only use them for a short time and I was like, Okay, we got to figure out something else. That was my big move to cloth was when the disposable diapers were giving her a rash. And I couldn’t afford the honest diapers anymore. Or the seventh generations. Those are really expensive too. But they’re compostable. So that’s nice. Oh,


Bailey Bouwman  25:41

yeah, that is nice. Hey,


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  25:42

but I think yeah, no, too much too


Bailey Bouwman  25:45

much money. So you’re all in one is a double guess it in your pocket? More just like a classic pocket then?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  25:51

Yeah, it’s just a classic pocket. I figured, you know, give people the option because I know some people don’t like the gussets around the legs. No. I have heard from all of my clients, customers, clients. I’m not really sure what the terminology is, my friends, my friends. The gussets actually don’t. Because I know some people will get the gussets that just really pinched down on the little chubby thighs. Oh, yeah. But um, I don’t like the fold over elastic. I feel like that pulls even like as an adult. If I were underwear and it has fold over elastic. I get like our cheese. Yeah. So I tried to avoid that too with babies.


Bailey Bouwman  26:27

So you have a sewn in elastic casing?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  26:30

Yes. No. I saw they have that new rolled elastic thing that people are looking into. That looks pretty interesting.


Bailey Bouwman  26:36

Oh, like on the bum genius elemental is a rolled elastic.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  26:40

I think that’s yeah, that’s another one. It looks it looks nice and clean. There’s no like extra seam stitching there. Which looks it just looks nice. Oh,


Bailey Bouwman  26:46

you get like, I know. Funky fluff does a rolled elastic. Maybe I find that on my funky fluff diapers. That the the inner layer rolls the outside and I get wicky. Yeah.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  26:57

That was my that was my big drawback because it does make that lining kind of roll over. So unless you did like a hidden stitch underneath, but like I don’t know who’s gonna actually take the time to do that.


Bailey Bouwman  27:10

No. And then now you’re just getting I think frustrated customers because people want cloth diapering to be simple. I only remember to roll things in because like, I’m four years in and I’m pretty dedicated. But not Yeah. Not everybody is. So what are you finding is your biggest challenge with running nerdy Mama’s?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  27:29

Um, probably like, content is a big one. Just because, you know, I want to be able to offer as much information to people as possible, um, sound information. Um, I never like to tell people what I say is the law. Because there’s so many factors. There’s so many different opinions that you know, I feel cloth information should be very, not vague, but also not. You have to have wiggle


Bailey Bouwman  27:57

room. Yes. Right. There’s like a lot of give and take a lot of ranting and suggest


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  28:03

other best seem to be a lot of like, some people are just very rigid in their views. And it’s like, being non confrontational. And a confrontational world is a big one because I want people to you know, feel like they’re getting support and they’re getting, they’re getting their needs heard. But you also don’t want people to, um, not distrust what I’m saying. But almost like, be constantly skeptical just because, oh, well, I heard in this other group that yada yada yada yada and it’s like, well, maybe that did work for that person. You have to find a, you have to navigate everything as an individual case.


Bailey Bouwman  28:43

I know that that rings really true for me and my cloth diapering experience. Do you think that makes cloth diapering really overwhelming for people? And like a turnoff is that


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  28:51

was my big aversion. When I first started looking it was so many different brands, so many different styles. So many different this is what you have to use.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  29:02

. Oh, blah, blah, blah. Like I’m on a couple of the Facebook. Yeah, there does seem a lot of like spamming in people trying to advertise but really, they’re just, you know, spam, spam, spam, spam, buy from me, buy from me buy from me. Um, so like, I like to give my cloth diapering. advices. Like, I mean, no, like, Whoa, that I’m a nerdy mama. But I’m there. I’m watching like, an answer and stuff. So I always tell people like this style is great. We this this style is great for that every single cloth diapering style has a pro and it has a con like there’s no one diaper that will work for everybody no matter what.


Bailey Bouwman  29:46

Yeah, and all of these brands exist because there’s people who love them. Right? Like we wouldn’t have


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  29:51

yes, there’s a need and you’re filling it. Yeah.


Bailey Bouwman  29:55

And so you’re filling a super niche need and that’s really awesome. I’m sorry. Yes. That’s also makes it that much harder. I’m not super I’m not like I’m not your target demographic. I don’t really I’m a little bit straight edge, I would say and like, but I love seeing options, right? Like, this is so cool. I have so many friends that I know I could persuade to cloth diaper. If I showed them your product, because it’d be like,


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  30:19

Yeah, you’d be surprised at how much like Harry Potter will really encourage somebody to be like, Oh, I only have to watch twice a week. I can do that.


Bailey Bouwman  30:27

No more rubber ducky diapers. Right. That’s super excited. So you were saying that you have a big project and will release this podcast after you’re really Yes. You said you have a big project coming up you’d like to?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  30:39

Oh, yes, we are actually I’m wrapping up the design phase of our new product. So right now we have two styles of diaper. We have an all in one diaper. We have a pocket diaper. I also have diaper and accessories like really awesome changing pad. And that bag everybody needs those. Yeah, um, but this coming launch, which we’re hoping to do this coming month in August will be six new designs. So I that’s another thing. I don’t repeat design. So if you see something you like, gotta get it before it’s gone. Because it’s gone forever. Oh,


Bailey Bouwman  31:17

good to know. Good to know guys see her that Limited? Limited.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  31:21

So like Pokemon Trading Cards, meats, cloth diapers. You know that that was that was what we were going for. It looks like a real collector’s thing. Like, um, but let’s see the last run that I did. We did 11 prints. And it was really, yeah, it was actually really wasn’t supposed to be 11 prints. It was only supposed to be three. And then we made decisions. And we have 11 Oh, wow.


Bailey Bouwman  31:48

Okay. I’m sorry, that 11 prints from other years?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  31:52

And then. Oh, yeah, it is it is. And originally we were


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  31:58

I think we were only planning on doing diapers and then the big pair. So now this time, I will be adding two new diapering products, which I have not announced what those are yet, but we will be doing six new fandom designs. And I’m pretty sure none of the fandoms that we’re doing this time have been in the last run except for and I’m not saying which one that was.


Bailey Bouwman  32:25

Phil so fill in someone who has no idea what what does fandom mean? What do you what do you mean when you say


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  32:31

fandom? So if you are a fan of a certain show, like do you watch Grey’s Anatomy?


Bailey Bouwman  32:39

No, but let’s pretend I did. I don’t really I Okay,


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  32:43

so if you really like Grey’s Anatomy, you are a fan. I’m part


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  32:49

of the fandom if you really really like a show like it’s like a fandom you’re part of a group of people that all like the same thing. So um, okay show that you watch if you find somebody else that really liked it, and you guys got it. You’ve entered your fandom.


Bailey Bouwman  33:03

That was embarrassingly obvious.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  33:08

I thought, No way. No way. It took me it took me almost a year to figure out what sOAZ


Bailey Bouwman  33:14

was. Oh, okay, that’s fair. The right terms. So you’re coming out with six prints. I didn’t know what it was. For sale or trade? Oh, yeah. A lot of and


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  33:32

then the other one was a mm. A our Oh, make me a reasonable offer. I was like, What is all of this Jenga stuff?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  33:39

I don’t understand. Like weird code that I wasn’t like, no one let me No,


Bailey Bouwman  33:45

no, no. Yeah. So you’re coming up with six new Phantom prints is what you’re saying? Right? Or seven


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  33:53

new Phantom prints? Yeah. I think it’s dumb. Don’t make me because I could always add another one.


Bailey Bouwman  34:02

Okay, so yes,


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  34:03

our period will. I think we’re go ahead. I will be I’m on Instagram, I’m on Twitter. I’m on Facebook. I’m on my own website. But I will be making a Facebook group to announce the new prints. And this is going to be a really fun group. I’ve been stockpiling tons of really awesome stuff that I will be giving away and lots of opportunities. Um, we’re gonna have diapers to giveaway I have a Tula I think I might have to, to give away cool products, cool mom products, just all this stuff to really celebrate these new prints that are coming out. Um, the group’s going to be coming up in a couple of weeks and I’ll be announcing that I’m on my Facebook page and all that stuff when we get it started. But basically, we’re going to make a preorder group I guess, and then You’ll have the opportunity to see the new prints that are coming out the two new products that we’re introducing. And you’ll also be able to win some of the new stuff. I’m hoping to be able to do like a big auction of like, one of everything. So we’ll see.


Bailey Bouwman  35:14

That sounds like super exciting. Like one of fun. Yeah,


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  35:18

I figured, you know, I’m excited. Everybody has to be just as excited as I am. And what better way to make people excited than to throw free stuff at them just right at you.


Bailey Bouwman  35:28

Right? People love free stuff, I think. Oh, I hope that’s hope. Okay, so we can find


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  35:37

anybody that doesn’t want free stuff. I will also take your money


Bailey Bouwman  35:43

if you want to pay for it, too. That’s cool, right?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  35:47

Yeah, you totally I’ll take it as a donation.


Bailey Bouwman  35:49

Gotcha. Okay, so people can find nerdy mama’s on Instagram. I just went and I followed you back. And we can find Oh, and a Facebook group coming soon.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  36:01

Facebook group coming soon. I just started on Twitter. I’m not really not good at twittering yet. Nothing has made me feel more like a mom then not understanding the new technology that has come out. yet.


Bailey Bouwman  36:13

I am also I’m monitoring 28 Soon, and I don’t get Twitter.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  36:18

My sister’s 21 She keeps me informed.


Bailey Bouwman  36:22

If she’s on Twitter.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  36:25

She’s on Twitter. She introduced me to Twitter or on Twitter. I’m on Twitter. I thought Twitter was for


Bailey Bouwman  36:29

like really old people. Like my grandma.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  36:32

Or my mom. No, I think apparently Facebook is for really old people now. Oh, interesting. We have entered the Twilight Zone.


Bailey Bouwman  36:40

I have date right now.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  36:44

Yeah, no, it said Facebook users are an average of between 35 and 45 years old.


Bailey Bouwman  36:49

Interesting, huh?


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  36:52

Yeah, I know. I thought I was like in the young speech. No, no, not.


Bailey Bouwman  36:56

Where does time go? I guess that’s just disappears on us.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  37:00

Something happens at 25. And the world just like time starts moving at a different speed, I guess. I don’t know.


Bailey Bouwman  37:08

Yeah. And I’m kind of scared about turning 28 Because I’m that much closer to 30. And I know it changes again. That’s how I felt and I only turn 28 Like a couple months ago. So I’m just like, I hold on really tight. Maybe it doesn’t work like that. Although we end the podcast since I don’t have any more questions unless you have anything else you want to talk about.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  37:33

One last question. Oh, I mean, I’m I’m a chatterbox. You can just ask me anything.


Bailey Bouwman  37:39

Notice, right. Okay, so I was gonna add, what would be your biggest advice for a new mama? Either starting cloth diapering or just becoming a mom? Oh, well. Don’t give up. Don’t give up. That’s a pretty good


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  37:55

that’s, that’s pretty universal. Don’t give up don’t whether, whether it’s you know, cloth diapering, whether it’s your breastfeeding, whether it’s your your eating just don’t give up and have a have conviction over your your decisions commit always commit 100% to what you decide to do and just you know, believe in yourself or good mom, you made a people Good job.


Bailey Bouwman  38:21

Oh girl, I needed that one today cuz I rough. Oh, man. It was really great to talk to you today and I’m super excited about your products. I’m gonna have to go out because I didn’t realize that you’re all one had flaps. Natural fibers and gussets. A few Oh, yeah.


Anna, Nerdy Mommas  38:36

People find this stuff out and they’re like, What? Give me five. I’m like, Yeah, man. Good to see


Bailey Bouwman  38:41

you. I can jive with my husband’s a little more nerdy so he might he might might go shopping together


Bailey Bouwman  38:54

so, thank you such a big thanks to Annie for sharing her story with me. And with you. The cloth diaper podcast readers. I guess you’re not readers your listeners. You can find any at nerdy That’s mama spelt M O M M A S. You can find photos and more links and everything you need to know in my show notes for this episode. That’s it the cloth ever Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get all the recent deets I was gonna go into this giant monologue about something but I don’t even know what about I hope you enjoy your day. If you have a story to share, reach out and rock on. Let’s support some more Mama entrepreneurs like this amazing Anna Annie. And as the name is my daughter

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Cloth diapering is not about rules but about our own strength as parents to do the best we can for our children with the resources available.

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