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Interview with Anna from Nerdy Mommas Cloth Diapers

This week we talk with Annie from Nerdy Mommas. Annie is a dedicated cosplay loving business mama designing cloth diapers from her home in Florida. Learn about Annie, how she got here, and her growing Nerdy Cloth Diaper business. This episode is perfect for anyone who loves cloth diapers and learning more about the behind scenes of a cloth diaper brand. #clothdiapers


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Owner of Nerdy Mommas

Natural fiber cloth diapers with a nerdy twist! We use our fan-art to create exclusive prints for diapers and more.


4:40 Meet Annie from Nerdy Mommas

Located: Treasure Coast of Florida
Lighthouse Kids is located South of Annie. 

Momma of 1, 4-year-old, and looking to grow her family one day again in the future.

6:58 – How Did you Get Into Cloth Diapering

Annie wanted to get into it at the start, but easily got overwhelmed with and decided to put it on the back burner. Her crunchy nature evolved into breastfeeding, babywearing and fustration of disposable diapers had her looking at cloth diapering.

Bought a stash of 10 pocket cloth diapers with microfibre and used 2-3 microfibre overnight in one pocket. Didn’t know there were other options like bamboo and hemp inserts. Eventually upgraded to 20 diapers. 

Annie was washing every day. She would use 8 diapers per day, she would do a simple 20 minute pre-wash, then a heavy duty wash, and tossed the diapers in the dryer before bed and would wake up to clean diapers.

It was nice to not stress about it.

When she got into hemp and bamboo it was nice to know you didn’t need a basketball on her butt for cloth diapering to work.

Annie got involved in a local co-op (not for profit) doing small orders for the ladies in town as it was advantageous.

Annie noticed a lack of support and quality in the cloth diapering community.

10:55 – Nerdy Momma’s Cloth Diaper Cut

Annie modified the cut, added bamboo inserts, 4 rise snaps for 4 sizings.

Bailey doesn’t really like microfibre either, you can read about that here. 

Noticed a lack of nerdy cloth diapers. There are a few nerdy co-ops but still a little bit of a lag in the industry for people to resonate with other people like her watching Anime, Futurama, Adult Swim. She loves being able to wake up and grab a cute cloth diaper like Harry Potter or other nerdy.

Blending of hobbies that lets you express yourself, and you can bond on things that aren’t Sesame Street.

13:56 Nerdy Momma Artwork

Sketches from Annie’s notebook and a friend of hers (another mom – Chelsea) helps digitize the artwork to be printed onto the fabric.

16:00 Manufacture

It’s difficult with things coming from different places. Everything is certified.

Really adamant about having a personal relationship with their company she works with. Wanted to ensure that she did her follow up that everything was quality control and met her expectations.

Annie does sew her own Cosplay and does costume commission. 

Prices for cloth diapers are totally legitimized, and hand making things is not cheap.

You can have quality. You can have nerdy. You can have an affordable stash.

The cost of cloth diapering can be discouraging for people, but at the end of the day if its made responsibility and it makes your life easier then it shouldn’t matter.  

Article about Hating Cloth Diapers – The hype of one brand isn’t always going to work for you. Try a little of everything. This is also one of my favourite themes.  Trying a few different things is important in motherhood from babywearing and beyond.

20:40 What Does a Nerdy Momma Diaper Cost/Look Like.

2 Types of Cloth Diapers – Shop Here

  • Pocket Cloth Diaper lined with Fleece
    • Classic Pockets.
    • Sewn-in Elastic Casing (not FOE, or Rolled Elastics)
  • AIO Cloth Diaper with Flaps on different ends.
    • Similiar to the bumGenius Freetime, or Happy Flute, or the Omaiki AIO
    • Double Gusset
    • Bamboo Terry Cloth – Bamboo Cotton Blend – Bamboo Terry Cloth
    • Designed to be an overnight cloth diaper as it offers extra space to help boost.


27:25 – Biggest Challenge Running Nerdy Momma’s

Providing content to people that is sound and creating information that isn’t the law. Cloth information should have wiggle room. There’s give and take, experimenting. Trying to be non confrontation in a confrontational world is hard especially to create a basis of trust in a world of lot individual cases.

You’re filling a super niche’d need which is awesome but also the big challenge.

30:35 Nerdy Momma New Product

Coming launch this August will be 6 new limited designs in their array of cloth diaper products and accessories at Nerdy Mommas.

The last release was 11 prints.

2 New Cloth Diaper Products.

6 New Fandom Designs and 5 are New.

34:10 – Where Can People Find Out More

Instagram – Facebook – Website – Shop

But join the Nerdy Momma’s Facebook Group for some amazing Giveaways to celebrate the new prints. Find it on her Facebook Page when it’s started.

37:44 Biggest Advice for a New Momma.

Don’t Give Up. 

You’re a good mom. You made a people. Don’t give up.


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