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Interview with Thea from Bebeboo Diapers

Have you wondered what a big name cloth diaper brand looked like when they were just starting out? No? Well, today’s guest, Thea from Bebeboo Cloth Diapers is going to go places. Today’s episode is about this startup cloth diaper brand owned by a passionate minority mama. She’s creating diapers for everyone and a passion for finding her purpose and supporting community. 



Bebeboo Diapers

Thea is the owner and creator behind Bebeboo Diapers. She is based out of the Las Vegas area. 

Show Notes

There isn’t a set pronunciation for Bebeboo Cloth Diapers – either way, is okay with Thea. 

Thea (Tee-Ah) is a mama from Las Vegas, Nevada who was thinking “what else can I do?”Originally from the Philippines, she has three young kids. 

Maybe she could do something, and was already cloth diapering and thought to do something more. Thea felt stuck at just being a mom, and her cooperate job didn’t bring her the joy she needed. She decided what she wanted to set up this business. 

— Bailey also does this podcast because she felt she needed more purpose in cloth diaper.

What kind of products does Bebeboo Diaper Set up

Primarily the A12 set up, which is a pocket with a snap in insert. This is her focus because it is the system that worked for her and she is most familiar with. The future might contain other options but for now, this is what works. 

All Bebebo Diapers come with bamboo inserts. When she first started they came with a bamboo charcoal insert. They insides though had microfibre, and she’s phased that out for a 5 layer Bamboo insert. 

The challenge of being a working mom and cloth diapering is daycare. She has to send single-use cloth diapers at daycares, so the A12 works best as AIO is too expensive at this. 

Where are you manufacturing? Hows that process? 

Figuring out the manufacturing and outsourcing was a challenge. It took Thea a year and a half to get it all sorted out. Even once launched, they hit bumps and actively working on it. Thea could have chosen a popular cloth diaper manufactures (that work with co-ops) but she instead choose Matthew. It’s a smaller family-owned factory. Thea interviewed them and is excited to grow together with them and lets everyone grow as the business and factory go forward. 

Tell me about the inspiration behind your Cloth Diaper Prints. 

Print inspirations come from Thea’s interest. 

Thea has two boys and a girl, and she wanted girl diapers but that would be inclusive. Mercuddles features baby mermaids and merboys and their parents. It’s for everyone. It’s for moms, dad, boys and girl. It also features mixed skin colours. As an immigrant, this was a very special move for Thea. 

Thea bases her prints off other inspirational things in pop culture she thinks people will like and she really likes. 

Maybe seasonal print, but that’ll be in later in the game and at a different stage in their business. 

Why should someone buy BeBeBoo Cloth Diapers? What makes you unique. ‘

Price point, Thea is doing her price point reasonable despite the features and materials the diapers use. Bamboo is expensive compared to microfibre. She is working hard to keep things affordable with adorable prints. 

BeBeBoo wants to offer cute reliable diapers at an affordable price point. 

BeBeBoo cloth diaper price point is $15.95, and the Petite is $12.85 USD. Which is above cheapie diapers, and less expensive than overseas manufactured mainstream brands. Trying to maintain a price point. An entire stash costs $350. A Medium size wet bag is only $10. 

Bailey compares to Funky Fluff which is a similar product which rang in around $22 a diaper. 

What’s been your biggest challenge with a cloth diaper company?

One year in, the biggest challenge is getting your name out there and letting people know about your brand. With the second launch of prints, the welcome is warming up. 

Check out these other startups that have been on the show – Nerdy Momma’s  BumBumBabies

Talk to us about your Petite Diaper Buy-Back Give Back Program

—episode on the Rebecca Foundation dissolution. 

The Petite Diaper is a newborn size cloth diaper. After cloth diapering two babies, getting the newborn cloth diaper stash was totally worth it. A lot of parents can be wary about investing in a newborn cloth diaper stash because its a such short-lived cloth diaper. 

Will buy back diapers at a reasonable amount. This is given as a store credit to buy more products from BeBeboo Cloth Diapers. They were then donating the newborn cloth diapers from the Rebecca Foundation. 

Thea is in contact with the previous presidents of the local chapter in Las Vegas and will continue to look into supporting them as the Cloth Option begins to set up. If this doesn’t work, she’s working with local charities to partner with. She would prefer to stay local. 

Passionate about her local community. She moved to Las Vegas and she knows its nice, and there are people and families in Las Vegas. Thea wants to give back to the city and wants to give back to this place is our community. 

How do you make time for everything?

Thea doesn’t know how she manages time. She dreams about the next diaper print. When her baby breastfeeds to sleep she plans her Instagram and she has help from her husband. Her husband is hands on with the kids which gives Thea the time to get it all done.

Where do you want to take BeBeBoo Cloth Diapers in the Future?

She would like to get into Wholesaling cloth diapers. 

Check out this cloth diaper brand which also wants to wholesale.

Preparing to get there. She got her testing done and is compliant. 

What is your why? Why do you do this? 

Thea’s why is finding her additional sense of worth. 

whatever you have right now, is what you asked for in the past. 

What’s that one piece of advice you give to all the mama’s listenings. 

Whatever you choose as a mama is not a one size fit all thing. Go with what you feel will work for you and your families

Find BeBeBoo Cloth Diapers on the Web

Buy them here: BeBeBoo Cloth Diapers



Final Words

I did receive a BeBeBoo Cloth Diaper. A review will be coming in the next few weeks over on my personal blog – www.simplymombailey.com



The Cloth Diaper Podcast is dedicated to sharing everyday stories of diapering. We welcome any and all suggestions for future episodes and encourage you to connect with us for an interview. We’d love to interview what works for you, your favourite cloth diaper, and any words to the wise you have. Send us an email [bailey [at] clothdiaperpodcast [dot] com] or connect with us online: FacebookYouTube, or  Instagram  or Pinterest.

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