Cloth Diaper Podcast – Show 27

Diaper Service might be the Answer!

Did you ever consider a cloth diaper service for your diapering journey? I didn’t. I think I’m too stubborn to let people do things for me, but a cloth diaper service can be a welcome relief for many parents looking to find a hybrid between disposables and cloth diapering. Diaper Services offer all the perks of cloth diapering without the headache of washing diapers and finding the time for that. 

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There are a lot of different models that cloth diaper services use. Let’s start with the basics, in general is a cloth diaper service? How does your cloth diaper service work?

BundleBaby is modelled the same as back in the day – where you have an option of a prefold and waterproof cover, or an all in one service (the fancy service) – and it’s just a pick up and drop off on the same day once a week. 

The service includes the rental of the diapers, but we can wash other diapers and options available for customers to meet their needs. 

There is a variety of different services at Bundle Baby. 

  • Budget – cotton service
  • Organic Service – organic cotton diapers
  • All in One Service

We can meet different needs of different customers based on what’s important to them. 

The all in one service is great for daycares because they are easy for them. 

Whats all associated with the cost of using a cloth diaper service. One listener asked, why is it so expensive.

It is a little bit of a luxury service because diapers are delivered direct to your house and your getting sanitized cloth diapers back. It’s not even the cost of the diapers, just running the facility goes into the budget. 

Pricing out some disposable diapers compared to the affordable option – the budget service. A package of honest brand diapers works out to about 31 cents  – and the budget service is 30 cents a diaper at BundleBaby.  

—> When she first started, she was a young family on a budget, there isn’t always a cost savings upfront compared to cloth diapers or disposable diapers. But maybe cloth diapers help encourage the antidotal idea that potty training happens earlier because of their awareness. —- cost savings down the road because they’ll be out of diapers early? #maybe, we can only hope. Kerry’s personal experience feels cloth diapering can really influence that, but we know every kid is different. It’s just a hope. 

You have a pretty interesting background, and a mom of twin boys What made you decide to start a cloth diaper service in your area? How did this journey unfold?

Watching Opera late at night, she felt inspired. A friend leant her stash, but she never got around to it and a few months later, a conversation with a friend about the lack of a service in the area had her opening a service even months later. A 60lb washer and dryer without a customer, but many years later she now has over 300 customers. 

What fills your passion for the diaper service today even though your kids are out of diapers? Do you ever get asked why you do this even though your kids are out of diapers?

Background in dietation, and Kelly loves working with young families, and she’s there to help, and lend a shoulder and trouble shooting with anything.  There was a burn out, but she’s revived. 

Bundle Baby is based out Colorado Springs and serves all the Front Range area. Right now she’s the only service in the area.  

I had a couple questions from listeners that I thought could help shape today’s conversation. 

Why might someone use a cloth diaper service? Aside from the convince, what makes it a practical solution for families instead of washing your own cloth diapers?

Time is money, and convince is a huge reason people use cloth diaper services. 

—- reference to Karen from the Cloth Diaper Change whose husbands treated herself to a cloth diaper service in her last years.


Other reasons: Baby Health – baby struggled with rashes and eczema, or disposable diaper allergies, or even potty training. 

Some of the Montessori daycares in the region work with BundleBaby to provide the service and helps them in that potty learning transition. They provide training underwear to the daycares and some that do a mix. 

Is it sanitary enough?

They use heat up to 70F, and a special formula with a small amount of bleach. This gets everything super clean, sanitization and nothing to worry. 

And what about cleaning cloth diapers? What’s your take on the environmental impact of using a service over washing at home? 

Everything has their pro’s and cons – BundleBaby uses large industrial washes that can fit up to 10-15 families diapers and it all calculates things to do just the right amount. 

The study out of Britain that compared washing versus disposable. 

How is it good for the environment to travel around delivering diapers – we are in one area and do multiple families, and it’s very economical. Bailey suggested it’s not much different than picking up and ordering from amazon or any other option for sourcing disposables. 

My husband heard I was chatting with a diaper service, and he wants to know if there’s ever a day that’s a nightmare situation? He was sincerely interested in how handling vast amounts of poop each day impacts your work life enjoyment. 

If you’re too hasty and speed of counting dirty diapers sometimes poop might flick up and get on you … but after the first time, it doesn’t happen again! #poophappens 

What’s something you wish people knew about cloth diaper services? Perhaps a piece of misinformation that drives you nuts, or just the message you would love to scream from the rooftops?

It’s really easier than people think! 

Kelly says she needs things to be three steps or less, and it really is easy. It’s not pins and it’s not like it used to be. It’s also lot more affordable than you think it is. 


There might be a diaper service near you and don’t even know it! Take a look online or ask for a friend. They serve great big areas sometimes. 

Where can find you online and in person? 

Facebook – – Website

If there isn’t one in your town, you could make it happen. Kelly is open to chatting if you’re serious about it and she has the time. 

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