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Fitted Diapers with Eco Accountrements

Courteny from Eco Accoutrements joins me to talk about fitted cloth diapers and how they might work for your family. We talk about the different variations and styles, as well as what goes into the cost when purchasing a fitted cloth diaper from a WAHM (work at home mom) 



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Eco Accountrements

Courtney is based out of Brockville, ON. We sell handmade cloth diapers, “grow with me” rompers, along with hazelwood necklaces and snack bags.


Show Notes on Fitted Cloth Diapers

What’s in a name at Eco Accountements? – it’s an article or clothing or an accessory with a specific purpose or use – it helped branch them out of diapers into something more. 

Currently they make two types of diapers: hybrid fitted and all in two’s. They also make grow with me clothing and other reusable products based out of Brockville, Ontario.

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Fitted Cloth Diapers

Fitted Cloth Diaper: absorbent all the way through.

This was really great for side sleepers because then it can catch all the pee. 

And then she added a cover overtop for nights. 

Hybrid Fitted: a cross between a waterproof cover and fitted cloth diaper with a water resistance layer hidden into the diaper underneath the pretty cotton. It won’t be waterproof for like car seats or times of compression, but during the day it should be great and you could even put on pants. 

The variables of cloth diapering meant that there aren’t a ton of hard yes and no answers. 

If you kid is prone to rashes, than a diaper without PUL might be a great choice for you. 

If you don’t resonate with PUL because of manufacturing or what have you, then a hybrid fitted might be a great choice for you. 

What kind of covers?

Something with a wide side wing will give the best fit over the fitted cloth diaper.

Courtenay’s favourite is the Thirsties cover. These are my favourite options for fitted cloth diaper. You could also use fleece or wool covers. 

Are all fitted diapers super absorbent? 

If you’re soaking everything, even disposables, then Courtenay recommends starting with something that is overnight fitted – you can also take away if you don’t need it. She recommends going bigger. These are the extremely heavy wetters surpassing the double prefolds and more. Her solution is typically an AI2 with an overnight booster for those extreme kids. 


If you’re struggling with overnight, you can reach out to shop owners for one to one support and wade through that conversation and get something that will work for you. 

There are so many factors that impact the situation, and there is a wealth of information with many shop owners. 

What goes into a cost of a fitted diaper and why are they so expensive?

The biggest cost is the inserts over anything else and that’s because she shops in Canada. She chooses a 500grams per square metre for her inserts. This means she can do few layers of materials for an easier cleaning experiences. 

The super soaker options out there aren’t commercially available, they really are something found in the WAHM niche like with Courtenay at Accoutrements, or like we chatted with HumBird. 

What brought you into fitted cloth diapers? 

She started sewing for herself when she was pregnant with her daughter. She invested in snaps and fabrics to help offset material cost. Then it snowballed into 7 years later and selling them at craft fairs. 

Then she realized there was a need, and then a joy.

Your Biggest Challenge as a Business Owner?

Being a working parent and the issue of time – to be with the kids, or to be with the work. 

As an unschooler it also means juggling the kid chaos and the working aspects. 

 * Snap-Ez also homeschooled her children and ran business. 

  Where can we find you on the web?

Facebook  Etsy  Instagram. 


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