Today’s show is with Guy from Bambino Mio, a UK based cloth diaper brand found around the world. Bambino Mio has been making strides in the cloth diaper community for over twenty years. This show talks about the perks of hook & loop, the change in the community, and why they continue to stand behind their product.

Welcome back to the Cloth Diaper Podcast and thank you for your patience over the summer as I enjoyed the summer sunshine. My kids are in care and I’m back to the reality that is working on this show. This is a life passion for me. I’m just a mom with a podcast.


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Topic: Cloth Diapering with Bambino Mio
Host: Bailey Bouwman @ SimplyMomBailey Cloth Diaper Podcast
Guest: Guy from Bambino Mio

Show Notes

Start of Bambino Mio

Strange but well documented story, and they opted to travel for a bit in 1991. Somehow at the Taj Mahal they were chatting with a guy from New York about cloth diaper services. This was a big thing in the 80s and they met others on their travels who talked about the same thing. In Australia, they would see the diaper service vans and in New Zealand they visited one. And in 1992 they started one of the first few Cloth Nappy Services in the UK.  It wasn’t going to be scaleable and gave them great experience to a product. Shift in the market at the end to more people asking to buy the product. 

Bambino Mio in its early days was a brochure of products – primarily the Miosoft. 

Their mission statement has always wanted to make reusable nappies available commercially worldwide and this has driven their passion and trajectory of the business and brand. 

And today Bambino Mio can be found in grocery stores around the world today. 

They started with prints and external prints and now Laura in the office is a graphic designer has helped developed their prints with Bambino Mio. 

Why are snaps or poppers not so common in the UK, and hook and loop is the primary fastener strategy?

We’ve always sourced a good quality of hook and loop at BambinoMio and makes a great product. 


Not every cloth diaper is right for every person and having a more mix of products offers consumers something different. It won’t be for everybody but it does work for a good section of the population. 

Any tips for parents who struggle with toddlers who love to take their diapers off?

It happens and some parents try putting them on backwards for toddlers, but the hook and loop is quite strong and doesn’t easily come off. And you just hope they stop do it. 

 Do you have a plans to  switch to natural fibres of change up the quality of your products?

Bambino Mio views their product as an entry level product. They work with Aldi in the UK and the US to bring their products on the shelves.

Absorbency levels will always be variable for different people based on different. 

They do a lot of market research – if a disposable diaper leaks they’ll find another brand of dispsoable but when a cloth diaper leaks they move to disposables. Cloth diaper fails don’t often lead to considering other cloth diaper products. 

We’ve looked at different materials and how they perform and the environment, and lots of different variables for us to consider. In working with experts, there’s always going to be an environmental impact and allowing consumers to make the choice that works for them. 

Transparency around Manufacturing

70% of what we manufacture comes out of two factories in China, and we’ve had a relationship over the past 20y years. Both factories are audited by SEDEX – recognized ethical audit – https://www.sedexglobal.com

And because Bambino Mio works with international retailers, some of these retailers will send in auditors to the factory for audits. Labour laws in China are much stricter than in other places for factory relationships. 

Biggest Shifts in the last 20 years in Cloth Diaper

Consumers today now know more than before, we’ve seen in a change how the consumer awareness of cloth diaper. 

What can we expect from Bambino Mio in the future. 

We have a few new products and gizmos coming along and continue to be very dedicated to cloth diapering. This year we launched a rash guard and change pad. We have new products coming through. We carried out a big consumer insights project to help understand the new parents coming into this category of swim diaper and training pants.

There’s a big opportunity opening around the world. Many countries can’t handle the waste of disposable diapers and this is something opening.

Politically, there’s a bill in the UK that is talking about the claims of biodegradability on disposable diapers.

It’s all a very exciting journey around the world.


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