Elisha is a mom of 1 in Ontario. She’s loved hearing from other brands and parents on the cloth diaper podcast and is excited to share her story on the show.

This is a long show. But its an incredible conversation with another cloth diaper mama about her cloth diaper experience. 



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Elisha Stuart

Cloth Diaper Parent

Elisha is a mom of 1 in Ontario.

Find her on Instagram.


In your email, you said a lot of people really challenged you on cloth diapering? Why was that and how did it make you feel?

You’re not going to stick to it, you should just use disposals.

Well it’s so gross.

You have to touch poopy diapers.

All I could think – that’s going to happen anyways.

Does it really save that many resources because you have to use water to wash them? Or power and stuff? It’s gotta be better than diapers in the landfill? And so, I took what they had to say, and left in the back of my mind.

I already made my decision, my husband was on board.

Did you find it challenging having those thoughts in your head?

It was hard having around me feel like they knew better?

It caused me some anxiety. But my partner supported me so we’d figured we would try and if we quit, we quit.

Bailey reflects on Jaqueline’s story on the Cloth Diaper Podcast.

My sister-in-law suggested a sprayer – It’s amazing to have one person offer a suggestion of how to make it easier.


>>> This one thing made my cloth diaper journey, maybe it will help yours. <<<

How did you tackle the hater comments on cloth diapers?

“I did my research and feel it’s the best choice for our family”

People who come at you with the negative – it’s not your responsibility to change everyone’s minds. They have made up their mind and you don’t have to persuade them because they probably wont be open to it. Save your energy for the battels that matter.

How did you build your stash?

I started with used. I googled the brand this woman was selling – looked good, cool. Doing it. I bought a $300 used stash of AMP diapers (15 diapers).

She added a few other products like Alva, and other brands — and a couple of weeks into cloth diapering the AMP didn’t work for my son. They have a great fan base, quality diaper, but it wasn’t for me. They were the last diaper I would reach for. I posted them on market place and sold the diaper covers.

I kept the inserts – the AMP inserts are incredible.


>>> Don’t commit to one brand in your stash. You don’t even have to match the inserts <<<

If I had a full stash… I might have bailed.

AMP is an incredible diaper. You don’t know until you start whether it’s going to work for you.

Now – my favourite pocket diaper is GlowBug – it’s a Canadian cloth diaper brand (made in China). The snaps allow for great staggering, and the 360 gusset helps reduce our leaks. I was lured into the Mama Koala but the fit was less than great.

Do you have any other advice for building a second hand stash for parents listening?

I feel like I overspent – check out the price new, and see if what youre getting is worth the money. I feel like I didn’t know enough to ask for a lower price – I should have negotiated.

I didn’t get burned in a major way.

Bailey – I would recommend looking at new, or like new diapers, to understand what a new diaper looks like and how a used diaper is less than idea.

Diapers have a lifespans – and important to think about that when purchasing second hand diapers – can it last to a third or fourth use and what will you expect that diapers life span to be?

You struggled with ammonia during your cloth diaper journey? Tell us how you did it.

Do we just give up? Kinda felt like the answer.

We got ammonia at 6 months – high on life, thinking your good at things – we looked up a way of doing a soak with oxiclean. We did a soak in the tub for stains with Oxiclean – we let them soak overnight and I did a regular wash routine.

And it worked.

Bailey — I know they say that you should be able to cloth diaper without problems – but I think it’s normal. Mistakes happen – at 6 months your child changes and then you have to figure it out. I deal with so much problem solving that I think it’s normal – this narrative that we should never have a problem is not healthy.

What did you do to get out of the funk?

Amonia is a part of urine.

To combat that we needed more agitation and hotter water

I choose a heavier pre wash cycle, and a hot wash main wash instead of warm. No big changes, just a few small changes.

Just make small changes.

Cloth diapering is grey. Everything is unique and some groups can be that intense.

Problem solve yourself – unless your soaking your diaper in bleach, you’re probably okay.

Toddler pee can be the next big challenge – hot water and agitation are the things to try but your doing that.

I still use disposables for night time.

Night time diapers scare me.

I still use disposables because it’s easy and dry.

Don’t let that stress eat away at you.

Bailey – just put him to bed with fleece pj’s and what your using. You don’t know if it will work till you try.

What is your why?

Finances really help cloth diapers be this way. Husband wants to do it for environmental reasons and can’t think about the waste water and landfill issues.

The temptation to give up will happen but you need to be grounded in yourself.




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Cloth diapering is not about rules but about our own strength as parents to do the best we can for our children with the resources available.


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