Cloth Diaper Podcast – Show 65

Founding Charlie Banana

Join me in a longer chat with Gaëlle the owner of Charlie Banana. This show is special because we’re talking about the founding of a cloth diaper brand over a decade ago, and a what a decade of passionate entrepreneurship can achieve for a brand.


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Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana, Bailey Bouwman


Bailey Bouwman  00:50

And what’s what is the story of Charlie banana?


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  03:33

I started in 2012 Charlie Banana started in 2009 Okay, but I have been in the cloth diaper industry since 2007. So 14 years What’s that? Yeah, yeah. And before that I was in the toy industry so toy industry and baby industry are a small crossover because you will have toys , babies . You know and all the major retailer like Target they will have toys and baby buyer and usually it would be almost the same trade shows or close trade show driven our trade show so it was always baby was. So Charlie Banana started in 2009 we launched the first time that product was available in the store in 2010. October 2010 on and Toys R 2010.


Bailey Bouwman  04:31

To think of cloth diapers on Toys R Us and target calm like those are big dreams we still have in this space.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  04:38

yes, they’re very hard dreams. Big Dreams. But you have to have big dreams in order to succeed otherwise you get deflated really early on so they have to be really crazy dreams.


Bailey Bouwman  04:52

Why did you choose cloth diapers for your family? Your kids? Is that where you started the brand?


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  05:01

Yes, I started quite a while I, I looked at cloth diaper before my son was born. And I thought they were cool. But I saw they were ugly. I mean, most of the design then there was not, it was very hard to find. So I was like, oh my god, you know, with my design background and my love for, you know, eco friendliness and all of that, I figured, oh my god, you know, something needs to be done. Every parent in the world needs to know they can use cloth diaper. And you know, I just wanted to make it available where people show up and also modernize it because I felt it needed a major upgrade.


Bailey Bouwman  05:36

In 2009. The industry would not have been anything for anybody listening. It would have been completely you would have your maybe like bumgenius and rumparooz are kind of coming out at the same time. Hey, like, Yeah, I don’t even think our emperor was there yet. Yeah. Maybe Yeah. And so you designed a pretty unique diaper with an internal gusset size system. Where did that inspiration and that design thought come from for you.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  06:05

So do the inner we call them bra strap because they really came from the bras. All bra straps. Because really, you can adjust it as you wish, depending on your shape, right, so some people like them really tight. And also it alls really well. So that was the only way we could get the elastic to glide properly into the gusset to allow an adjustment that was from like premi baby to 2-3-4 years old, because all the other diaper they had all those snap, which I said kind of ruined the design. And also, it’s a lot of snap when you’re first starting. And you don’t change the sizing that often. So I figured if we could have something that truly address with the baby, then that’s perfect because every baby is different. There’s not one person that’s born and growing the same rate, the same shape.


Bailey Bouwman  07:03

And that’s probably one of my favorite things about the Charlie banana diapers that you can get that elastic so small for that newborn are those preemie babies, and that’s a really hard diaper to find to get a good fit on. Yes. And don’t forget the signature softness. I think I think we went under softness, but there are so many amazing products on the market today. It’s hard to it’s hard. I have a hard time making any judgment calls. But you definitely have a really interesting design with that internal elastic adjustment. That’s really well received by a lot of different parents across the world. And so your cloth that you Why did you so you decided to start a brand, there was a gap. There’s a huge gap in the industry and then 2009 so but why did you decide to cloth diaper your own family? What was your personal? Why for cloth diapering?


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  08:02

So I grew up on a boat with my parents. So I was like a pirate we studied in France and I grew up in the blue lagoons of the French Caribbean. And that was you know, for me it was not really great at the time because it was blue lagoon and I study was boring. I wanted to go to Disneyland. And then I landed I was like, oh my God, let me go back to the lagoon. Leaving in Hong Kong, it was so much pollution and then I mean everywhere you know, you go to Los Angeles and all those places, it’s we are overly polluted and having a child I was trying to do every effort on the nutrition on everything my baby, one would wear everything my baby would eat and diapering cloth diapering is, at the time felt like the most goodness that I could give to my baby, you know, I didn’t see any negative factor on to cloth diapering whereas the other type of diapering was completely the opposite. I was I was sold on the suppliers first I have to say, first, the softness of how comfortable they were compared to any other type of diapers.


Bailey Bouwman  09:14

Yeah, you your life story here is seeming a little fascinating as you’ve gone from France to Hong Kong and we were chatting about Los Angeles and now you’re in Florida, you’ve been International, which probably explains a little bit about why your brand feels so International. Hey, like a lot of cloth diaper brands kind of launched within their local region. And we’ve seen Charlie Banana takeover like the entire international space people. That conversation I had in the Maldives this morning. She brought up she had a Charlie Banana diaper and so you’re everywhere. Like it was not a passion for you to get your brand to grow to be where it is today. Yeah,


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  09:55

I mean, it became a full time more than full time. You know, I Have the other day because Elon Musk was saying he was working 130 hours and he was slowly trying to slow down a bit. And then so I took my calculator and I tried to calculate how many hours a week I work and I was like, oh my god, I work more than Elon Musk. So it it’s, it’s it consumes you to run a business, especially club diapering. It’s so difficult. It’s one of the hardest products you can try to sell to anyone. Yeah, it has evolved over the years. But it is a challenge all the time manufacturing is challenging. And the string changes costumers. But overall it’s a fascinating journey, you know, and he took me from friends to Canada, Angeles to Florida, but I have to say that now we are sold in 66 countries. And we have touched many babies, many parents all over the world and I could have never dreamed for a better plasma, you know, a better for Charlie banana. And I hope that one day, I will be the next Coca Cola.


Bailey Bouwman  11:22

 66 countries around the world, the cloth diaper podcast is also listened to in like 64 countries around the world. So that is amazing. But you are everywhere. Um, so you talked about the cloth diaper industry being super, it is a challenging space. I’ve heard that time and time again. What is the one thing though, that you love most about being in the cloth diaper space and being a retailer or brand.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  11:46

I love that I can change the world and that I can really inspire parents all over the world. Because that’s one thing that is doable with cloth diaper because you touch every single baby parents. And then you know, we also do feminine care as well. So then it’s those young girls and those mom and then those moms that want to use cloth diaper. So it’s a full circle of dropping the seeds of how good it is to use reusable products. And then once you put that seeds in that family, then they start changing the way they evolve, what they’re using, what they’re eating, what they’re thinking. And then I’m just hoping that with that we can really improve our current global situation and create a better world.


Bailey Bouwman  12:35

Yeah, those are like big arching topics. impacted right, it’s we’re slowly we’re slowly getting there. And slowly seeing a lot of awesome change. Yeah,


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  12:52

there are not too many industries or products that you could manufacture, even if you’re good in design that’s going to have that impact now and that’s why people are so passionate in the coffee industry or even club diaper. Parents are just so passionate about them diaper you don’t hear them talking about their disposable at all. Not with the same passion.


Bailey Bouwman  13:15

At least I hope that I will man maybe somebody is um I think Okay, so we’ve been chatting for a little bit but if somebody has never heard of Charlie Banana, we should probably fill them in. What does the chart what is the Charlie banana system, what does the diaper look like to somebody who’s listening who maybe has never heard of your brand which I would be surprised but you never know.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  13:36

is what I call her. I used to always describe it as a fully all in one diaper because you can do whatever you want. Earlier you can make your own cuisine with diaper. It has the most we call it signature softness. Please he has the softest fleece that you will have a fine I don’t think any competitor beat us up on the fleece It’s so soft, it dries really quickly. So whenever there is any solid going through the baby will be dry within two to three minutes. So they get that connection that the baby gets wet. You know the baby the IP I get wet they establish the eating connection. Whereas with other divers, they instantly dry so that that’s why they often delayed in potty trainings and things like that. that pleases dress fantastic buyer between the insert and this delicate baby skin. And then we have really highly absorbent insert that comes in that you can put inside or that you can put on top of the flutes because they’re covered with fleece as well. So you can pocket it if you like pocket style. You can put one in the pocket; you can put a disposable insert because we sell disposable inserts that as well. So, you can do the hybrid system non hybrid system and you we have the thing The most adjustable sizing system out there. And there is no snap to adjust the sizing, which is wonderful. So it’s a brass strap that you adjust as you need. And then it stays inside the pocket. We also have a really wide elastic at the back, which is much nicer because he doesn’t cut the circulation of the baby. And it’s very gentle. And it’s not about that.


Bailey Bouwman  15:25

Yes, yeah, I should have pulled that diaper. Look at it. It is a really nice back elastic.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  15:32

Thank you. And then we have the front pockets, which was the first diaper to put the pocket in the front because I studied silly, you know, if the babies as a big pool, you have the older things at the back in the pocket when you’re trying to remove the inserts. So I thought that was crazy. So I did the front pocket where you know, it’s nice that way there is no problem. And also when you removed insert, we have some big, nice fig tag on the Insert. So you’re able to remove the insert without touching anything really as


Bailey Bouwman  16:04

well. Oh, so that’s what your tag is for? Yeah. Fun. Yeah.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  16:09

Yeah, they are. They are nice pull-out labels, everything is


Bailey Bouwman  16:15

good little things about cloth diapers that like I would say the average cloth diaper user doesn’t really always pick up on but when a brand brings it up, it’s like, oh, wow, that’s kind of crazy and awesome. And why have I not been doing it like that.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  16:29

And then we have also on there. So we have a couple of snaps on the front for the waist adjustment and this size adjustment. But then what you can do is we have a little creamy size setting as well. So if your baby’s tinier, and you have a tinier waist, you can really make it baby small. Yeah. Okay, yes, it is. And the thing that you have to also remember is that we donate to Operation Smile for like over a decade. So it’s always been a charity we’ve been, you know, you need to be dry and you need to be able to smile requisite as being a happy baby, right? Yeah. And we also donate to the 1% to the planet and we are carbon neutral. We’re Climate Neutral certified. So you know, all your diapers are not only good for the planet, but their carbon neutrality, fantastic milestone for us today, and we’re international and we’re a great company, a bunch of cool people and dedicated to changing the world. How many people do you have on staff?


Bailey Bouwman  17:37

How big is your business this these days in 2021.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  17:43

So we  amount 20. In Hong Kong between Hong Kong we have people in new Terranea in Philippine in India, I mean, the US, we have our marketing girl in California. And we have a few other people all around the world, but about 2025 right now,


Bailey Bouwman  18:01

I guess, technically, like small businesses are employing less than 50 people. So you’re still like, it’s amazing that you have 20 people on staff, but you’re still a small, little thriving cloth diaper business. While they are amazing. 20 people. Yeah, I love that. I had a UK brand on last week. And she hired her first five employees this year, and it’s just for her it was so awesome to be able to give other people jobs in the industry of cloth diapering. And we had that conversation and I think it’s; I think it’s just awesome. Like that a brand can grow like you grow from one person to now you’ve hired 20 Yeah, that’s a positive impact.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  18:39

You have to I would show us a lot of things you know, and if you have the right computer and technology on board, you can do a lot but at the end of the day, it’s committed and loyal employees and team members like because you become a family, it’s you we all in for the same fight. And that has so much power. Yeah, yeah, it’s really the team spirit.


Bailey Bouwman  19:06

So I, this was the question that I really wanted to ask you today. And I think it transitions here nicely was I over the last three years I’ve talked with probably over 40 different cloth diaper brands and all stages of development. But you’re one of the longest brands out there what would be that one piece of advice that you would give a cloth diaper brand who is starting up in 2021 and looking to one day be you to be Charlie banana and contribute to the community in the same way that you do. Um,


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  19:34

I would say make sure that you stay very fit, mind and body because it’s not an easy journey and you’re going to have so many different obstacle that you need to be relaxed to be able to make the right decision and also to be able to sprint and run for long. It’s a marathon. Yeah, and if you’re not feeling and if you’re not, Alfie, you’re going to lose the battle, where if you’re always strong and sharp and working out every day making it part of your routine, then you’re strong, your body is strong, your mind is strong, and then you’re ready to do battle anything. And I would say, like, do something I might let as big as always being tennis. I knew that every morning, if I had my tennis game on my lesson that I was ready, and I would be a better boss for it, because, you know, you get all that energy out. And, and that’s one of the thing that has really helped me through those years to, to be able to pull through. So take some time for yourself, prioritize yourself, where you can prioritize, there is no time for yourself. But you are with your daily tennis, is that not? due to yourself? Yes. Yeah, doing that I would get fresh air, I would you know it, you get some exercise, you socialize a little bit. It was that and also, it’s a great nerve, like, not nerve. You know, you are eating balls. So a big thing, whatever it is that that gets you that


Bailey Bouwman  21:08

you get all your frustration out. I have a lot of friends who listen to the show who love to learn from each other. And it’s been really fun in that way, learning from other brands, what’s been your biggest challenge with running Charlie bandana over the last 11 1214 years, I need to learn to do some math.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  21:29

Um, I mean, I’ve never had financial investments. So that was the hardest part because he was everything on my shoulder. But at the same time, it’s hard to find capital. And at the time, it was also harder because cloth diaper people looked at you funny. Baby, he would be a little bit different. And also, when you try to look for capital, they request so much stuff from you that if you didn’t get all that time to give it to them, then you’re not focusing on other things. So a lot of time, I would just go and sell more. And then I will be back on the game. So financially, that was the hardest thing that they second hardest I would say was they the lack of industry, tightness. It’s such an industry that has zero love for each other. We’re on, you know, other industry that I’ve been to toys, and everybody, every competitor would be having dinner together and having fun and sharing experience and helping each other. Whereas the club diaper nobody really socializes. We have a couple of brands that I’ve managed to have a great relationship, but it’s very, very close. You think that is a change that needs to happen? Um, I hope so. But now that we don’t have any trade shows, I don’t know how that’s going to happen.


Bailey Bouwman  22:49

Yeah, but the industry has kind of changed in that hey, with like a pandemic, as well as trade shows.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  22:56

We do have an alliance in the UK, but it’s mostly international companies and but none of the US. So in the US there is no association. And then we used to have an association. And then they didn’t accept any cloth diaper company. And and it was kind of funny to have an industry that didn’t have the the top five players in it, you know, so I just gave up.


Bailey Bouwman  23:33

I tried to with Baba and Boo in the UK last week. And she really talked about the nappy alliance in the UK being a great resource for her brand and something she was really happy about being involved with. And that was her recommendation. And it’s interesting to hear from you about the lack of cohesiveness in this industry. I know a lot of new brands coming up say they try to make friends. But it’s so people get more competitive than nice. And they’re like, ah, and they kind of get scared from that. So maybe some meetings so we can work on improving. I mean, I


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  24:11

I don’t know if it’s possible. I mean, anything is possible if you put some heart and wheel behind it, I believe so. But the industry, I mean, to sell club labor to retailers, it’s so competitive in price. In that it’s going to be a huge challenge. Because it’s just as it is to stay alive as a company in that industry, as itself is such a huge challenge that I don’t think you have time for anything else.


Bailey Bouwman  24:41

No, yeah. And that’s like and that’s it. Most of the brands that I’ve talked with, they’re like, especially right now, in the pandemic that we are everyone I’ve talked to, they’re like, I’ve just got my head down. I’m trying to survive. We’re trying to survive the pandemic. We’re trying to survive what’s going on right now. We’re trying to work out Things that are manufacturers, there’s not a lot of room for other things, unfortunately, including relationship building. So one day, maybe one day. Yeah, but I mean, what you’re doing is helping. Yeah, I have a lot of fun chatting with people from around the world and learning what’s going on in the industry and what’s going on with parents. Yeah, well, and


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  25:23

also, you know, one other thing that happened over the years is that you have companies that come up, and then they’re here for six months a year, or they think they can just go online and buy 3000 diaper or 500. diapers. And then they go, they have a club type of brand, but they have no business sense. They don’t, they don’t understand. They don’t have you know, I always say people that get into business should have a license, where it teaches you legal, and accounting, and business manners and all of these things. So that you can go out on the world with ideas, even if you start small, but if you choose, you do the right thing. And there’s a lot of companies that have come by and gone on all different continents, right, because they’re grateful. And at the beginning, it was like, oh, my God, you know, they were like, 35 at the tradeshow. And then the next year, we would be like, 12 brands, right? So I go to us through there. It’s almost liked the stock market, like, the higher. And then now, we always kind of stayed in the five, you know, and we managed to stay in that position. Thank God. But yeah, we saw them all coming and going. And it was sad. And you know that. But it’s, it’s, it’s hard. It’s you have to be a real businessperson to evolve and succeed in the coffee industry.


Bailey Bouwman  26:40

Did you? So you’re in the toy industry before? So do you have? Do you have a business degree? Or did you have any formal training?


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  26:48

No, I never finished high school actually, really. But I had a software company with my ex-husband in Canada. So I was their global salesperson. And I was doing all there, you know, sales and also installation. Any was for the import business. So it was all Toys R Us, we worked with all those customers. And then I did I studied interior design for five years afterwards when I was like 23 years old. So that’s where I got all my design, expertise with packaging, and all those kind of things. And then the fact that I traveled all over the world, I think in terms of design and style. And I for things I think I probably developed it right from childhood.


Bailey Bouwman  27:33

Yeah, okay, so that’s, you have real business experiences where you’ve got this the savvy business. flair to you. It’s not you didn’t learn it in school. It’s kind of what I was poking around, and then interior design. And now you’re into this cloth diaper business. What do you see for the future of Charlie banana? Where do you want to go? Where is there to go? What glass ceiling? Are you looking to smash?


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  28:02

Well, I think I think Charlie Banana and I eventually will become the next Coca Cola plan. It’s in the map and it’s well aligned for it. And we just launched in bye-bye baby in 125 store. We were in all the stores a while back that you know, bye-bye baby had a transition, but now they put us back in. So you know, that’s always good when we’re in the stores because people can go and feel and it’s a great way to get more people into cloth diapers online is great, but you know, seeing it showing it to your husband is a great so it’s even better. Yeah,


Bailey Bouwman  28:43

everybody I talked to that’s like the changing point is when you can have it in your hands, you can show your husband and you can convince your mother-in-law finally that it’s not crazy rubber pants


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  28:55

2013 We were the first brand to be into any stores. It was target and we launched in 1100 stores. And I remember I mean we were crying of joy. It was such a building block moment in the company and for the coffee industry and everybody got so mad at us I would like it if people could have killed me with their eyes they would have and I remember we had retailer they were really furious at the beginning and then I was like but no you don’t understand the people we’re going to put so many people and make people are attracted to cloth because now they can see it. They don’t even know it exists. So they’re not going to come to your store but now they know it exists. And now next time they see a cloth diaper shop, they’re going to stop and then I have a lot of them that apologize after that they gave us so write up so much. But initially I was like a bad week.


Bailey Bouwman  29:54

That energy is strong sometimes in this industry. I know what you’re talking about. Yes, we’re slowly making things and I did. I had a conversation with a mom on the podcast a couple of weeks ago and she, she had learned about cloth diapers because she saw bomb geniuses kit in Walmart. And it wasn’t the right product for her but it made her think she was in the diaper aisle and she was like, oh, I didn’t even know cloth diapers existed. I saw bum genius kit right there. And then I went home and I googled and suddenly now I’m like a rep for another brand. That’s not even in a retailer like these little moves that big players make like you do are beneficial to the entire industry, which is beneficial to the entire globe. It’s just such a great thing. Not yet and I saw you are working with some like huge influencers on Instagram right now. And I am just like in awe because I know that that ripple is introducing cloth to people who wouldn’t have ever Yes, and I have hoped the industry appreciates it. I appreciate it. I hope the industry does too. I but I super I love it. Who is it? Right now assembly baby is another big up and coming player who has been making some great moves to and publicizing it. And I just I’m so excited for everything that you guys do, too. Yeah, yeah,


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  31:17

I’ve never seen the assembler. I mean, I’ve seen the brand. I’ve never seen the diaper itself. They seem to have nice design. So it’s nice to see, you know, it’s always I find having new competitive coming is always keeping you on the edge keeping you motivated, you know. So I always welcome it. I think he makes a shopper.


Bailey Bouwman  31:40

Yeah, like you can’t just be stagnant, which is what this UK Yeah, it challenges us how to think about cloth diapering differently. That’s awesome.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  31:49

Yeah, because I mean you can develop a diaper so many different ways right so even social media ways. You know, somebody company might do something differently than it is inspired to do something else and all the dots get connected some magical way.


Bailey Bouwman  32:04

What keeps you so let’s I’m going to read kind of wrap this up with like, what keeps you going in the cloth diaper industry, even after being done so this is probably me snooping more than anything, my babies are out of cloth diapers. So sometimes I feel a little weird in this space. So how do you keep going and focusing on cloth diapering even though you’re not in the thick of it anymore? As a mom, I guess.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  32:29

Um, as a mom what keeps me going at it isn’t my team because together, we can do anything. And what keeps me going is all those customers that we have the love I get from them and the happiness every time we have a review that comes in saying you know I love your pads I love these so I you know, we’re in on their feminine care now and I see the number growing and we were not even doing any advertisement or anything and I’m like, Oh my god, you know, like yes, you know, like judging and when he took me 12 years for the buyer to accept to get my feminine pad You know? And then and at the beginning they said I was crazy and ideal Gail No, absolutely not come back in five years, you know, but I would not give up and then last year, you know, it happened and now she’s like, Oh my God. And that keeps me going is the fact that I don’t give up. And that I just do you tell me no, it takes that nine noes for one year. I found that to my son, he made a joke. So he asked me nine times. But it’s true. So that’s what keeps me going.


Bailey Bouwman  33:45

I love hearing that your feminine hygiene part of it is really growing because that’s what introduced me to cloth diapering 10 years ago as I learned about cloth pads randomly and so I can see why you were drawing that connection earlier and this circle is just going to come back and we’re going to we’re going to go places with cloth


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  34:05

karma of running that company of running of building that brand of creating those product and the effect that he has on the world on people around me or business friends of business partners wherever has touch you know even we did boxes showed at one point, like anything we did to touch people in such a way that I could have not done that with something else. So it’s really magical. That’s what keeps me going. No, I love it. Well,


Bailey Bouwman  34:36

thank you for taking half an hour today to chat with me and share about your brand and your brand story. I was a little bit nervous. I was feeling a little star struck about chatting with you but it’s been really great hearing you’re super down to earth and sharing your brand with me. I’m super excited.


Gaëlle Wizenberg, Founder of Charlie Banana  34:57

I mean, I you know I actually it’s funny. I am I have a little thing on my desk that I wrote and he says I am a star because sometimes you know you’re down or you’re having a tough day and you have to remember that you are rock and roll so I am in my own self but I am not a staff person. For me


Bailey Bouwman  35:17

on my show is like that moment I’ve made it so I’m so excited that we were able to make this work today and to get to chat I probably I’m like, I’m scared. I’ve been really popular all of a sudden. So I this will come out probably in April. But thank you for taking the time today. I’m so excited. I’m excited to see what you’re going to do to change this industry or to support the growth of this industry.


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