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Black Owned Cloth Diaper Brands

Shop with these Black-Owned entrepreneurs when building your cloth diaper stash. These men and women strive to create incredible products that are worthy of stash love.

5 Perks of Shopping with a Retailer

Curious about why you should shop with a cloth diaper retailer instead of a big box store or a online giant. Here’s 5 incredible reasons to continue to shop small business. 

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The Most Eco-Friendly Diapers

Not all cloth diapers have sustainablity as a core value, and not all cloth diapers are eco-friendly. Many lists suggest that just because a diaper is reusable, that it is sustainable. But that’s simply not true. We know from conversations with cloth diaper brands that much work needs to be done to improve the sustainability of cloth diapering.

 When we look at the story of a product manufacturer, we can quickly identify that the creatio of a cloth diaper could use improvement.  Many brands now use eco-friendly materials, reduce textile waste, swap out bamboo for hemp, or consider the sustainability of their product packaging in delivering eco-friendly diaper options.

This list identifies cloth diaper brands who are going above and beyond to be more sustainable and more ecofriendly. They don’t just create cloth diapers, they change what it means to be a sustainable brand in 2021.

You can learn more about these brands and their mission on their website, through their socials, or check out their podcast episodes with the Cloth Diaper Podcast.

Kittens by Blueberry Cat Cloth Diaper

Small Shop

CooperRose is a small shop cloth diaper made in the United States with a strong passion for sustainability. This eco-friendly cloth diaper brand goes above and beyond to ensure that the environmental impact of manufacutering is kept at a minimal through creative use of a local seamstresses and low-impact textiles. 

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Omaiki AIO

Pocket Diaper

Baba + Boo is a UK brand focused on the reducing the impact of single use plastics through their sustainable pocket cloth diaper. In the past year, they have sought out new factories and textiles to meet changing environmental standards. Their brand mission gives back to charities to continue to support their communities

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Sourced in the USA

Thirsties Diapers is a Made in the USA brand that goes above and beyond to ensure their products remain local. This made in Colorado brand sources up to 90% of it’s materials from the United States including it’s organic cotton. This locally sourced diaper reduces the impact of manufacturing and shipping through these practices. 


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Tots Bots

Recycled PUL

This made in the UK brand is easily accessible around the globe. Tots Bots was one of the first cloth diaper brands to switch to a recycled PUL made from plastic bottles. This initiative, plus others in textile transparency, give Tots Bots an eco-friendly diaper support.

Find this brand at a Cloth Diaper Retailer around the world, including LagoonBaby in Canada


Imagine Baby

Made in Canada

The passionate women behind Omaiki strives for a eco-friendly product. Not only does their low-waste store provide sustainable shopping, but their original cloth diaper products remain manufactured in Quebec using as many Quebec-based textiles to ensure a low-impact product.

Geffen Baby - Best Hemp Inserts -

Sustainable Inserts

We’re not talking sustainable cloth diapers if we don’t talk about Hemp Diapers and the incredible agricultural benefit of hemp.

Geffen Baby is a Made in the USA hemp manufacturer with a focus on creating incredible textiles that can support cloth diaper users in reaching peak absorbency.

Read the Interview with Sharona, Co-Owner of Geffen Baby

Find this brand at a Cloth Diaper Retailer around the world, including LagoonBaby in Canada


Tots Bots

Social Sustainabilty

Bebeboo Diapers strives to reduce their environmental impact while recognizing the incredible role they play in supporting social sustainabilty. We recognize the transparency that Bebeboo Diapers offers in trying to create an eco-friendly product that changes the world

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Imagine Baby

Up & Coming

Esembly Baby diapers is an eco-friendly line up for new parents. This simpe two-step diaper sources reclyced PUL, organic cotton, and even manufactures a sustainable washing powder that works!

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GroVia AIO

Less Plastic

Check out Weeking Diapers, an Estonia brand, and their diaper that ditches elastics, and opts for a low-plastic design. This is just one of many fantasic cloth diapers that strives to reduce the plastic impact.

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Other Cloth Diaper Brands to Explore

Imagine Baby

US Retailer

Looking for a wide selection of eco-friendly cloth diaper brands that supports you in finding a sustainable cloth diaper journey – then you gotta shop with Green Mountain Diapers. 

GroVia AIO


HumBird Wool goes above and beyond in continuing to reduce their environmental impact and seek out sustainable wool products. The team at HumBird is a must-have addition to your stash.

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