Yesterday we talked about the things that are really awesome about cloth diapering, but I’m a realist most days and acknowledge there are a lot of things about cloth diapers that really suck.

I do believe most of these challenges can be overcome. We can work together to find an answer for the thing that is causing you grief. But you can only ge thtere if you are willing and able.

😠cloth diapers sometimes leak because of a bad fit, too much pee, or just because.
😠cloth diapers can be difficult to clean and can sometimes smell.
😠cloth diapers sometimes don’t hold enough pee for nights or naps.
😠cloth diapers sometimes don’t fit.
😠cloth diapers can be difficult for some people to adapt to using.
😠cloth diapers can make some babies angry and uncomfortable.

This list is not exhaustive – tell me what really sucks about cloth diapering for you and your family?