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Intro to the Cloth Diaper Podcast

The Cloth Diaper Podcast is a somewhat regular show dedicated to sharing stories from cloth diaper brands, retailers and parents around the world. 



Bailey Bouwman

Bailey Bouwman

Host of the Cloth Diaper Podcast

Bailey Bouwman is a mom of 2 living in Northern BC. She is a content creator who loves to write, but loves to share stories more. The Cloth Diaper Podcast is an opportunity to learn from others and hear truth and authenticity in the cloth diaper space. 


Open Invitation to Join

Seriously, I know we are all introverts but should you want to give me a call on Zoom, let’s do it.

It’ll be a short 10-20-30 minutes with children screaming the background as we talk about your favourite cloth diaper, your biggest mistake, and the one thing you wish you could tell the world. 

I want to share your cloth diapering experience because I think that’ll give a better picture of the cloth diapering experience than just my reviews, or any other bloggers perspectives.

Email me today, or start creeping me on social media – Find me on Facebook or Instagram.

Honest Expectations

I’m not a professional. I don’t even have fancy equipment. This is just a mom in your bedroom trying to find some purpose in my life. I love it. I’m awkward. I’m introverted. And I’m totally ready to get out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait for you to join me.


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About the Cloth Diaper Podcast

The Cloth Diaper Podcast is a regular podcast sharing stories from cloth diaper parents, brands and retailers from around the world. 

The Cloth Diaper Podcast is not affiliated with any school of thought of diaper laundry but instead focus on the power of peer-to-peer story telling to empower you to make your own cloth diaper journey. 

Cloth Diapering is not this or that, but rather many different experiences. 

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Cloth Diaper Podcast is located in Northern BC, Canada on the traditional territories of the Lheidli T'enneh First Nations. Black Lives Matter. Every Child Matters. & We are strong advocates for radical change as requested by those who experience social injustice. Listen first. 


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