washable diapers from home

Need a diaper in a pinch? Forgot your cloth diaper stash? Store sold out? Unable to afford diapers this month? Consider repurposing any of these items into a diaper.

Anything absorbent

Look for natural fibre materials made with 100% cotton or bamboo hemp or cotton blends. Avoid polyester blends.

You may need to cut products to size to fit smaller or bigger babies. 

T-shirts large and small can be used as a cloth diaper.

Absorbency will depend on the size. 

Fold the arms in, or use the arms to tie the diaper around baby. Learn more about how to fold a t-shirt diaper here. 


Kitchen towels can be folded up into a pad – learn how to padfold – and used in a cloth diaper cover or pocket for an absorbent diaper.

Larger verions can be pinned on baby.

Use smaller items like socks as boosters to add absorbency to other types of diapers such as t-shirts or kitchen towels. 


Terry bath towels can be used as a cloth diaper. Cut them into squares 20-27″ square and use a fold like the Happy Anteater fold.

Cut them into smaller squares and use a sock or booster in the mid section and fold onto baby like a prefold diaper. 


Natural fibre sheets can be cut to shape – 20-30″ squares. Fold like a flat cloth diaper.

Sheets can be easy to handwash and quick to dry. 


Other Ideas 

– Flannel Cotton Receiving Blankets
– Old Baby Clothes
– Flannel blankets or jimmies
– Cotton Pants 
– Pillow Cases

Avoid microfibre towels as they can over dry the skin and cause a rash or irritation. 



But what do I use to keep things water proof?

See if you can find cloth diaper covers used or new in your local area. Visit mom groups on Facebook, local baby boutiques, or shop at any of these cloth diaper retailers.

Check out this DIY Fleece Cover tutorial from Zephyr Hill

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