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Where to Buy Hemp Inserts

So, you’re on the look for hemp inserts to take your cloth diapering to the next level, and find some hold-onto it real good absorbency.

Absorbency Chart

Curious about which products absorb the most. Check out this absorbency list to see how hemp inserts rank. 


5 Things about Hemp

Here’s what else I want you to know about hemp inserts. 


Learn About Leaky Overnight Diapers

These are my personal tips for tackling leaky overnight cloth diapers. 

What is a hemp insert?

Hemp inserts are a cloth diaper product used to absorb urine in a cloth diaper. They are sought after because of their performance and absorbency.

Hemp inserts are a more expenisve product, and always blended with another textile like cotton or bamboo.

Hemp is a complex fiber with many different performance variables. It is typically a slow absorber that holds onto liquid very well. Unlike other materials, hemp inserts are least prone to compression issues. 

Best Overall - Geffen Baby

Made in the United States by one of the best textile factories on the West Coast, Geffen Baby Hemp Inserts is the best hemp insert money can buy. They are thirsty, they are durable, they are thin, and they are 60% hemp. Geffen Baby hemp does not disappoint, does not bacon, and always durable.  Learn more about Geffen Baby.  Geffen Baby is available at many retailers.

Second Best - Thirsties Baby

Thirsties Hemp Duo Prefolds and Inserts are well loved by the cloth diaper community. This is a product that is not incredibly absorbent by the numbers, but it’s performance in real life persuades people it’s a must have. 

Thirsties Baby is easily found at cloth diaper retailers around the world, or direct. 

Found in Canada - AMP Diapers

AMP Inserts are a great Canadian choice for a booster that absorbs well and takes your diaper places. The hemp prefold is a little bulky in my opinion, but many families love it as their overnight diaper.

Other Hemp Inserts Recommendations

Alva One Size Hemp Inserts

Made from 45% cotton and 55% hemp with 4-layers for quick absorption.

AMP Hemp Inserts

The AMP Hemp Prefolds and Inserts are our One-Size Organic hemp inserts. They are great against baby’s skin or use it in the pocket to keep baby dry. These are very soft and absorbent and suit most babies until potty training. Made of 55% Hemp 45%Organic Cotton. Also available on Amazon Canada. 

Babykicks Hemp Inserts

Babykicks Hemp Inserts are handmade in the USA, super absorbent hemp fleece and certified cotton blend with a contoured shape and maximum comfort and quick dry design. Two sizes. Available on Amazon USA.

Best Bottom Hemp Inserts

Best Bottom Hemp inserts are what make Best Bottom diapers absorbent. They’re quick and easy to use; simply snap it inside the diaper and you’re ready to go! The hourglass shape allows for maximum absorbency while keeping it trim around the legs. Available at Nicki’s Diapers and your favourite Best Bottom Diaper retailers – including Amazon USA.

The Blythe LIfe Contoured Boosters

The Blythe Life has a wide selection of contoured inserts made with hemp cotton fleece, quad boosters, and Fixed Flats made with various blends of hemp diapering choices.

Buttons Hemp Inserts

Buttons Diapers Hemp inserts are available in daytime and nighttime, and multiple sizes. They are made of 4 layers of absorbent 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton with moisture-wicking fleece. – including Amazon USA and Amazon Canada.

Charlie Banana Baby Super Absorbent Hemp Inserts

Charlie Banana Super Absorbent Hemp Inserts made with ‘signature’ softness blend of hemp and cotton to keep baby dry and comfort. Available in a three pack in two sizes – can be found on Amazon USA. 

Ecoable Hemp Diaper Inserts

Ecoable Hemp Diaper Inserts are readily available in different doublers and packs on Amazon USA.  (Sold in 10 pack for about $6.50 each)

Geffen Baby Hemp Diaper Inserts

Offering a wide selection of inserts, prefolds and boosters, Geffen Baby inserts are designed to meet your needs made with 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton. 3-5 layers available in small and large sizes.  Also available on Amazon USA and Amazon Canada.

Green Mountain Diapers Hemp Doublers

The GMD Hemp Doublers are three layers of 55% hemp, 45% organically grown cotton. It’s not the jersey kind, it’s the thicker more absorbent fleeced kind. Available in two sizes at Green Mountain Diapers. 

Happy BeeHinds Hemp Inserts

Prep these 4 layer Hemp Cotton Inserts by washing multiple times before using for best absorption. Made with a Hemp Cotton blend, sold in a 3 per pack at Happy BeeHinds.

Kangacare Hemp Inserts

The Kangacare 6R Soaker Cloth Diaper Insert locks in moisture, boosts absorbency overnight and – the newborn insert is 3 layers the and the one-size is four layers. They custom snap with different sizing and combo options. These are available on Amazon USA and Amazon Canada.

La Petite Ourse Inserts

LPO hemp inserts have 3 layers of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Great to use in any pocket diaper or as a booster to another diaper.

Lalabye Baby Hemp Inserts

The Lalabye Baby Hemp Inserts includes TWO 3-layer hemp-cotton blend inserts that maintain flexibility and shape after washing. 5″ x13″ Add absorbency to your diapers without the bulk.

Nickis Knickers Hemp Inserts

Need a little boost to your flat or Eflat? Or just need a great absorbent insert for your diaper. Then these natural undyed inserts are the perfect solution. Made from two layers of soft bamboo hemp fleece sewn with the smooth side out for easy rinsing.  Made from: 55% Bamboo and 45% Hemp. Available at Nickies Knickers. 

Petite Crown Hemp Inserts 

Petite Crown Packa Insert is 55% Hemp and 4% cotton, Made in China, and CPSIA compliant. Trima inserts provide 40% cotton, 37% Hemp and 23 Bamboo. 

Spunky Rumps Inserts & Flats

Snake Boosters, Inserts, and Flats designed with Hemp Organic Cotton French Terry. Available direct through Spunky Rumps.

Shine Hemp Inserts and Organic Trifold Insert 

Organic Hemp Cotton fleece inserts and trifolds available at The Shine Cloth.

Thirsties Hemp Inserts 

Thirsties Hemp Duo Prefolds and Inserts are well loved by the cloth diaper community. This is a product that is not incredibly absorbent by the numbers, but it’s performance in real life persuades people it’s a must have. Thirsties Baby is easily found at cloth diaper retailers around the world, or direct. 

Hemp Diapering Systems

Cloth diaper systems that are designed and sold with hemp inserts as the key component of the product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better hemp or bamboo?

This is not an easy answer because both hemp and bamboo inserts are a valuable addition to your cloth diaper.

Hemp is best suited for users who need a long-lasting slow absoring boost to a diaper.

Bamboo inserts are best suited for users looking for a more robost absorbency that is quick and efficient.

Hemp is more environmetnally beneficially.

Bamboo not so much. 

You might also consider cotton if you’re looking for a lower cost product. 

Can hemp inserts touch baby's skin

Yes! Hemp is safe to the skin. You can place hemp inserts directly against baby’s skin.

If using in combo with other cloth diaper inserts, you might find it more beneficial to layer hemp at the bottom. 

What are the best cloth diaper inserts?

The best cloth diaper insert is the insert that meets your families needs: environmental, financial, and function. 

This might be a cheap bamboo insert or a cotton receiving blanket. The best insert for cloth diapering is not a universal product. 

How do you prepare hemp inserts

Simply launder until absorbent. Most hemp is fully absorbent within three washes and reaches peak capacity within 8. 

Hemp can be laundered with other cloth diapers or laundry using sufficient detergent and warm water. Toss in the dryer to finish the prep process.

Please do not boil hemp inserts, it breaks down the fibers and is a lengthy process when modern washing facilities exist. 

Can Hemp Inserts be used alone?

Yes, if it provides sufficient absorbency to your child. Most hemp inserts only hold 4-7 ounces which qualifies them more as boosters, unless you have a light wetter.

Hemp prefolds and flats are a better choice to last 2+ hours for daytime or night time use. 

Pair hemp inserts with your favourite all in one diaper, microfiber insert, bamboo insert, prefold, or flat. They can be easy to add to any existing cloth diaper set up.

Can I make my own hemp inserts?

Yes. If you find hemp material that you love, you can cut it and sew your own inserts for cloth diapering.

I would recommend washing the material before crafting your hemp insert. this will ensure the product is the right size and shape and doesn’t surprise you in the wash.