simple cloth diapering inspired by lived experiences

The Cloth Diaper Podcast brings simple strategies to diapering built on 5+ years of interviewing, consulting & engagement with the cloth diaper community.

Professional Cloth Diaper Educator

Bailey brings 5+ years of cloth diapering experience and conversation to the cloth diaper space. She’s not just your every day mom blogger sharing her experience – Bailey is immersed in the cloth diaper community learning from other parents and growing as an individual. She wants to find the cloth diaper solution that truly works for you.

Bailey believes we need to listen to cloth diapering parents. We need to recognize our own bias and preferences and focus on solutions that work for you, not us. The Cloth Diaper community needs to recognize the privilege of being able to cloth diaper, and provide spaces for more conversations and stories.

Cloth diapering is not about rules but about our own strength as parents to do the best we can for our children with the resources available.

Cloth Diaper Absorbency List

Cloth Diaper Absorbency Numbers There are so many different ways to categorize and organize these products, and not everyone will be happy. Before you go too far into this post, the bigger a product the more likely it will be very absorbent. This post is also...

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Cloth Diaper Black Friday Sales

Cloth Diaper Black Friday Sales Shop for the best sales of the year.  Black Friday Directory This is your one-stop shop to all the best Black Friday sales & promotions. This list is compiled by relationships within the cloth diaper industry, internet...

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Show 113: The Future of the Cloth Diaper Podcast

Cloth Diaper Podcast - Show 114 The Future of the Cloth Diaper PodcastAn update on the Cloth Diaper Podcast and the sudden hiatus over the summer months, and the future of where we from here.  Topics Explored Why the break from the cloth diaper podcast Navigating my...

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Rachel’s Cloth Nappy Journey @happy.cloth.nappy.chappy

I had a pretty normal upbringing, the youngest of 5, we were quite a wasteful family. I was never taught the beauty of our planet, how to care for it or how to love it. I didn’t enjoy being outdoors and was very much just plodding along through life, not sad or...

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So You Think You Can Retail Cloth Diapers?

Guest Blog - Lauren Spruel Edited by Karen Burkey So You Think You Can Retail Cloth Diapers?You can imagine it already. You’ve been using cloth diapers for almost a year; your collection is growing more and more every payday. Even so, there’s prints stuck in your head...

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Cloth Diaper Sales & Promotions for Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022 Best cloth diaper sales & savings celebrating Earth Day 2022Earth Day is one of the biggest Cloth Diaper Sales after Black Friday. This is an opportunity to seek out amazing Cloth Diaper sales and savings at a lower cost. This is a great chance to...

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Show 99

Cloth Diaper Podcast - Show 99 Designing a Diaper with Research & Development: Tidy Tots story with SaraSara shares the founding story of Tidy Tots diapers from research & development to current day manufacturing in upstate New York. The Tidy Tots diaper took...

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I thought I knew everything about laundry but I’ve been having some issues and am talking to an experienced cloth diaper parent and my mind has been blown. I’m getting such better results now that I’ve started implementing her tips. ☺️ Following the advice in your book and working one on one with a mentor lol.


Until recently, I was doubting myself. And at the right time, I found you and your blog post. It was so helpful and got me back to washing cloth diapers. 


Thank you, you helped me find my voice. I really look forward to seeing more moms and families that are similar to mine. 

Ruzelle Almonds