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Cloth Diaper Podcast

Sharing stories from cloth diaper brands, retailers, and parents around the world about how they cloth diaper, run their business, and thrive.

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Curious about how to cloth diaper in a simple way that isn’t full of rules and pressure? Every snap, every diaper, and every basic you want to know.

Stories from Parents & Reviews

Soak in the diversity of the cloth diaper experience through parents stories and reviews. 

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    idk who needs to hear this… but you’re doing a great job at cloth diapering

    For reals. You are doing a great job.

    About Bailey

    Cloth Diaper Mom & Communication Specialist

    Bailey Bouwman was a cloth diaper mom. Her kids are now in school, but she continues to support the cloth diaper community through her podcast and social media channels. This is a passion project to help encourage other parents shine in their new roles as moms, influencers, and retailers.

    My Approach

    Cloth diapering is a diverse and unique experience. I believe every story is valid, and we must approach cloth diapering aware of our bias and preferences.

    My Process

    With fives of involvement in the cloth diaper community, I have strong passion for community and collaboration. I believe that stories ground us in who we are, and that kindness goes far.

    Unique Framework

    Not every diaper is the right diaper for my family, or yours. We all cloth diapering parents, whether we diaper full time or once a month. This is not a competition.

    Thank you, you helped me find my voice. I really look forward to seeing more moms and families that are similar to mine

    Ruzelle Almonds

    Blogger, @Zellez671 on IG

    Follow the @ClothDiaperPodcast for a super helpful platform. She is so knowledgeable and non-biased with many different brands adn styles of cloth diapering. She is so informative and her platform and helped me on my own journey.

    Charlene G


    Recent Posts

    Cloth Diaper Absorbency List

    Cloth Diaper Absorbency List

    Absorbency Cloth Diaper test resultsWhat is Absorbency Testing? Absorbency testing is a some-what controlled method of understanding how a cloth diaper absorbs liquid. It's an unofficial measure of how a product performs using kitchen science and helps us create a...

    Interview with Sharona, Geffen Baby

    Interview with Sharona, Geffen Baby

    Geffen Baby interview with SharonaAn Interview with Sharona, from Geffen Baby   In May 2020, I had the pleasure of chatting with Sharona from Geffen Baby. Sharona is a mother of triplets and an integral part of the Geffen Baby business. She is voice behind customer...

    Show 59 – Krunchy Kulture Diapers

    Show 59 – Krunchy Kulture Diapers

    Show 58 Krunchy Kulture When you don't find what you need, sometimes you go out and do it yourself. And that's exactly what Jade is doing with Krunchy Kulture, a new cloth diaper brand dedicated to giving the representation that Black families do cloth diaper. We talk...

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      Email: bailey@clothdiaperpodcast.com
      Cloth Diaper Podcast is located in Northern BC, Canada on the traditional territories of the Lheidli T'enneh First Nations. 

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      About the Cloth Diaper Podcast

      The Cloth Diaper Podcast is a somewhat regular podcast sharing stories from cloth diaper parents, brands and retailers from around the world. 

      The Cloth Diaper Podcast is not affiliated with any school of thought of diaper laundry but instead focus on the power of peer-to-peer story telling to empower you to make your own cloth diaper journey. 

      Cloth Diapering is not this or that, but rather many different experiences.